Every week, the Mythcreants team works hard to produce and edit content that is available for free online. We depend on numerous online services for web hosting, spam filtering, email delivery, and more, and these services get more expensive as our usage and traffic climbs. The small revenue streams we have simply aren’t enough to pay for everything that goes into the site. That puts us at risk of creator burnout and limits the content we can deliver.

Our readers give us vital support that allows us to keep going. Stronger support means better tools for the team, more incentives for team members to stick around, and some relief for team members who are stretched too thin. With your help, Mythcreants will still be running five years from now.

Will You Be Our Patron?

The best way to ensure our long term success is to become a patron. For this, we partner with a crowdfunding platform designed just for content creators like us, called Patreon. Our Patreon program gives us the steady income stream that we need to keep Mythcreants running on an ongoing basis. Plus, becoming a patron comes with fun rewards.

All patrons have access to our our archive of weekly off-the-cuff rants and updates just for patrons. You’ll also get an invite to our Discord server, where you can chat with us and your fellow mythcreants. Depending on the tier you choose, you’ll also get a little merch when you join.

Jackalope Tier

$1/month USD

At the starting level, you’ll get a Mythcreants wallpaper for phone or desktop. Enjoy looking at purple glowy space things on your device.

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Dire Wolf Tier

$5/month USD

Three books with the Mythcreants logo. One has a planet and moon, another has circles with mystical symbols, and the third has a night sky full of stars and purple gas clouds.

We’ll mail you three bookmarks with different designs featuring the Mythcreants logo and a starry background. On Discord, you’ll get access to our Sneak Peeks channel with snippets of upcoming content.

Oh, and you’ll also get the wallpaper.

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Pegasus Tier

$10/month USD

A glossy black mug with a space background and the Mythcreants logo

At this level, we’ll mail you a Mythcreants mug! It’s glossy black and features the Mythcreants logo on a background with stars, a planet, and a moon.

You’ll get the bookmarks, wallpaper, and Sneak Peeks channel access too.

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Sea Serpent Tier

$20/month USD

Mythcreants dice

We have these custom dice from Chessex, and they are gorgeous. You’ll get five of these dice, plus a nice little bag to keep them in.

On top of that, you’ll get the mug, the bookmarks, wallpaper, and Sneak Peeks channel access too.

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Dragon Tier

$50/month USD

You’ll get a Mythcreants throw blanket. Soft and shimmery, it features the Mythcreants logo and purple planet design. (Picture coming soon!) Naturally, you’ll also get the dice, mug, bookmarks, wallpaper, and Sneak Peeks channel access too.

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World Turtle Tier


At this point we could only imagine profusely thanking our patron over and over again, so that’s exactly what we’ll do. Your name will be displayed as a sponsor on our site and we’ll thank you on every podcast too. And we’ll feebly and humbly gift you with a throw blanket, a set of dice, a mug, two bookmarks, wallpaper, and Sneak Peeks channel access too.

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Make a One-Time Gift

We know an ongoing commitment like Patreon isn’t for everyone. We’re more than happy to receive one-time gifts from generous supporters.