Copy Editing

Our trusted copy editors will polish your grammar, spelling, and punctuation until it shines (for plot or character editing, see our content editing services). They work at three levels: light edit, medium edit, and heavy edit. We have a description of each below.

Depending on the specifics of your piece, copy editing takes roughly two weeks for a short story and eight weeks for a novel. To get an exact price and timeline for your piece, submit our request a quote form. We’ll get back to you soon.

Light Edit

Your copy editor will address mechanical items such as punctuation, spelling, and grammar, and they’ll also ensure consistency in word usage, references, and visual style.* They will draw your attention to passages that might be unclear or awkward, but they will not provide suggestions or modify your text.

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Medium Edit

In addition to all the mechanical items in a light edit, your copy editor will provide suggestions for improving questionable passages. These may include, but are not limited to, ways to reduce redundancy, tidy up wordy passages, strengthen the consistency of word usage and text formatting, and check your work against an agreed-upon style guide. They’ll also reword and make small changes as necessary.

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Heavy Edit

In addition to the work in light and medium edits, your copy editor will smooth over disruptions in point of view, improve the pacing of passages, and strengthen characterization to enhance the overall form of your narration. This will also involve pointing out and changing any consistency issues with characters, themes, or plots, as well as problematic messages.* In the course of their work, your copy editor will query their changes but also reword sentences, rearrange paragraphs, or mark content for deletion as needed.

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Refund Policy

If you notify us of your desire to cancel before we have invested time in editing your work, you will receive a full refund. Otherwise, you will receive a refund minus charges for time already invested.