Our readers can’t appreciate our stories when they’re distracted by missing words or ambiguous phrasing. That goes not just for friends, but for customers, agents, and publishers too. Having your work professionally copy edited not only allows readers to see through your prose and appreciate your story, but also tells everyone who reads your work that you are a professional.

Plus, every writer needs another trusted eye on their story. By the time you’re finished revising your manuscript, there’s a strong chance it will contain mistakes and contradictions you meant to edit or remove. Hiring a copy editor helps you catch those embarrassing blemishes before they make it to print.

Our Copy Editor

Ariel Anderson is our seniormost copy editor and a mentor to other editors. Experienced with fiction, roleplaying manuals, academic writing, technical writing, and poetry, Ariel earned her BA in creative writing at the University of Central Arkansas and has an editing certificate from the University of Washington. When she’s not diving into her favorite YA speculative fiction, she’s walking her dog or knitting.

Ariel is a fantastic editor who clearly enjoys the work that she does. She always pays attention to my pacing, continuity, and issues with so much detail. It’s kind of uncanny. Working with her multiple times now through a series, she always seems to remember the previous work, ensuring that things stay lined up. Her suggestions have always improved my work, making it more direct, clearer and engaging for my readers.

Danita Rambo

It’s been great working with Ariel. She has edited 7 of my scifi and horror short stories, and I’ve always been very pleased with the quality of her edits and suggestions for improvement of my craft. During this time I’ve graduated from token to semi-professional paying markets and I think her edits have a lot to do with that!

Richard Rubin

Ariel is a fantastic copy editor. I’ve worked with her twice and can attest that she makes reasonable edits, thoughtful suggestions, and displays an incredible attention to detail. She’s a trustworthy extra pair of eyes for a finalized manuscript. I would highly recommend her services to any writer.

Carolyn Drake

We Offer Three Levels of Copy Editing

Ariel works at three levels: light edit, medium edit, and heavy edit. Regardless of the level she is working at, she always marks her changes so you can roll them back if you need to. You have the final say on your piece.

  • Light Edit. Ariel will address mechanical items such as punctuation, spelling, and grammar, and she’ll also ensure consistency in word usage, references, and where applicable, visual style. She will draw your attention to passages that might be unclear or awkward, but she will not provide suggestions or modify your text. View light edit sample (Google Docs).
  • Medium Edit. In addition to all the mechanical items in a light edit, Ariel will provide suggestions for improving questionable passages. These may include, but are not limited to, ways to reduce redundancy, tidy up wordy passages, strengthen the consistency of word usage and text formatting, and check your work against an agreed-upon style guide. She’ll also reword and make small changes as necessary. View medium edit sample (Google Docs).
  • Heavy Edit. In addition to the work in light and medium edits, Ariel will smooth over disruptions in point of view, improve the pacing of passages, and strengthen characterization to enhance the overall form of your narration. This will also involve pointing out and changing any consistency issues with characters, themes, or plots, as well as problematic messages such as unintentional stereotyping. In the course of her work, Ariel will query her changes but also reword sentences, rearrange paragraphs, or mark content for deletion as needed. View heavy edit sample (Google Docs).

Extra Feedback

All levels of copy editing come with a $50 option to receive additional constructive feedback on your wordcraft. View examples of this feedback (Google Docs).

How the Process Works

  1. Start by submitting a quote request here. We’ll need a 1,000-word sample from the middle of your work. You can also tell us what level of editing you’re looking for and make special requests.
  2. After reviewing your sample and your editing preferences, Ariel will create a quote that includes a price and timeline for the edit. You should receive your quote within a couple business days.
  3. You’ll get an email notice when your quote is ready. You can view it online and order it as soon as you’d like.
  4. Once it’s time for your edit, Ariel will use professional software to check for inconsistencies, read through your manuscript twice while she makes changes and comments, and top it off with a second software check. She’ll send you periodic email updates on her progress.
  5. You’ll get a manuscript with all changes marked for your review, plus a custom style sheet that includes notes on the story timeline, character description, and grammar. If you include the feedback add-on in your order, you’ll also get an editorial letter with your feedback.
  6. After you receive your recommendations, you’re welcome to send Ariel questions about her advice.

Ready for the Next Step?

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Refund Policy

If you notify us of your desire to cancel before we have invested time in editing your work, you will receive a full refund. Otherwise, you will receive a refund minus charges for time already invested.