Also known as developmental or content editing, our consultants provide insight that can help you improve your work and strengthen your skills. When reviewing stories or outlines, they’ll take a big picture look at plot structure, character development, and theme. They can also offer advice on worldbuilding, campaign planning, or game design. If you need someone to fix your punctuation or grammar, see our editing services.

The price and timeline is based on the word count of your piece. You may submit your work as a MS Word file, Open Office file, PDF, or as a link to a Google document. They’ll email their feedback in written format.

Follow these three steps to choose your consulting options and get a price.

1. Choose Your Consultant

We have two consultants, Oren and Chris. They’re also our most frequent bloggers, so you may already know who you’d like to consult with based on what they’ve written. If you’re not sure, here’s some things to consider.

Oren is an experienced developmental editor who is well-versed in a variety of storytelling mediums. He can not only offer insight on written stories but also on campaign planning, worldbuilding, playwriting, audio dramas, and game design. Oren is adept at finding plot holes, problematic messages, broken powers, and other issues that are easy to overlook. His approach is very pragmatic. When suggesting revisions, he identifies changes that will have the most impact while creating the least amount of work for the writer. In comparison to Chris, his services cost less, and his turnaround time is faster. Unlike Chris, he does not provide feedback on wordcraft.

Chris is a specialist in writing and storytelling. She can help you discover what your story’s about and offer insight on how to express that in your work. She can help you strengthen your characters, improve your wordcraft, and get your audience hooked. Because her time is limited, her services cost more than Oren’s, and she has a slower turnaround time. She doesn’t provide feedback on games or scripts.

2. Choose the Feedback Depth

We can provide advice either as a general overview or with detailed commentary. A general overview is sent in a separate document; it describes our recommendations for your story overall. Detailed commentary is provided by highlighting specific paragraph or lines throughout your document and providing feedback on them. It will give you a lot more information, but it’s also significantly more expensive.

If your work has not been reviewed by us yet, we recommend the overview. After all, it’s not helpful to know you should cut a couple of lines if you end up redoing the section they’re in. If we’ve already provided an overview and you’ve revised your work, you may choose to receive more detailed feedback during a second review.

3. Calculate the Price

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