Chat consultations allow writers to get quick feedback without going through the full editing process. You can use your consultation time however you’d like. We can discuss whatever you’re working on or any topic we cover.

  • Consultations are conducted over Zoom with video off. Unless you request otherwise, we will record them so you have an audio file to reference.
  • Most consultations are one hour long, but longer consultations are available.
  • Oren conducts most consultations, and his current rate is $50 for one hour. Let us know if you would like to chat with Chris or Ari.
  • Everything you’d like your editor to know about your project must be communicated during your chat. If you’d like us to review short written materials ahead, we can give you a price for that.

Request a Chat Consultation

If you’re interested in purchasing a chat consultation, please submit this form. We’ll contact you to schedule your chat.