Our editing services transform the confusing process of evaluating and revising your work into clear steps with a finish line. Whether you are submitting your piece to a publisher or publishing it yourself, you can feel confident knowing that your work has been reviewed by a professional.

Content Editing

Also known as developmental or substantive editing, content editing is the first step for writers with an outline or manuscript. Our content editors take a holistic look at your story and compare it to your vision as a storyteller and artist. Then we offer insight on your work and deliver clear directions for strengthening the foundations of your piece. A content edit imparts valuable lessons on storytelling, saves countless hours spent on unproductive revisions, and makes stories more popular. In addition to manuscripts and outlines, our content editors can review a diverse array of creative works.

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Copy Editing

Once your manuscript is in the final stages of production, it’s time for a copy edit. Copy editors make detail-level changes that reduce confusion, bring out your voice, and correct those embarrassing typos. The result is a manuscript that makes you look like the professional you are. After a copy edit, your readers will have a more positive experience and your story will have a stronger chance of success in the market.

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Chat Consultations

Would you like to ask a few questions, get some quick feedback, or talk to us about where you’re feeling stuck? With a chat consultation, you can schedule a call with a content editor to discuss any topic we blog about or cover in content editing.

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