Oren PortraitOren loved to analyze stories long before he knew what a content editor was. He enjoys bringing out a story’s strengths and then polishing it until it shines. As a writer himself, Oren prioritizes giving feedback that is constructive and actionable. He became a full-time freelance editor after graduating from the University of Washington Editing Certificate program, and since then has worked on numerous short stories and novels. He’s particularly fond of speculative fiction, and he is continually fascinated by worlds that are not our own.

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Education & Experience

Oren has a BA in Fiction Writing and History from Evergreen State College and a certificate in editing from the University of Washington.

Since joining Mythcreants in 2013, Oren has written hundreds of articles, many of them analyzing stories and promoting best practices in storytelling and writing. Oren stepped up as an editor at Mythcreants in 2015 and began doing freelance fiction editing in 2016.

Since then, Oren has consulted on stories large and small. His process focuses on identifying author goals and offering practical options for meeting those goals.


Oren has received an overwhelmingly positive response to his work. Here are just a few of the accolades he has gotten from clients.

Oren clearly put the same level of thought into his development edit that I put into my novel. Nearly every suggestion he made was incisive and on the mark, a remarkable feat considering that the totality of his comments was longer than most of my short stories. He even provided his in-depth feedback well before the date he’d promised. I’ve probably received close to a thousand edits over the years, and Oren’s was among the most helpful. I highly recommend him.

— Christoph Weber

Oren did a fantastic job with my manuscript. From the beginning, he understood my vision for the story and characters and what changes I needed to match that vision. He pointed out many key issues within the story and gave suggestions on how to fix them. His suggestions were on point and brought up issues I had not considered before. Immensely helpful!

— Kaitlyn Whipple

Oren did two developmental edits and one comprehensive edit of several of my short stories, and his work was worth every cent. For the developmental edits, he started with a list of questions about the stories which made me think more deeply about the foundations of the stories (and made me wonder: Why the heck didn’t I think of that?!?). He pushed me to resolve motivational problems, remove unnecessary characters and scenes, restructure an entire story, and rethink how I approached gender stereotypes. His questions and suggestions made me focus on the true core of my stories. When my beta readers read the revised versions, they all thought there was a huge improvement. More importantly, I thought so, too.

— Paul Cavanaugh

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I seriously doubt my book would exist today if I hadn’t worked with Oren. I had already written a novel’s worth of words but was only thirty percent the way through my story and stuck in the mire of the middle.  His suggestions pulled me out of the weeds and brought my story under control. When I got stuck, he would offer insightful suggestions of where to look for solutions.  I’m working on the sequel now and I am definitely planning on working with Oren again.

— Morrie Cordero

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Ascendant by Kimberly Grey

“Oren read through two versions of my manuscript and both times his comments were insightful, encouraging, and extremely helpful. It was plain to see the amount of thought, care, and dedication that he put into all of his work. Working with him was a wonderful experience and I hope to do so more in the future.”

— Kimberly Grey

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The cover of Varuna by Phillip Vincent, featuring a ship floating in a mountainous bay

“Oren was a great help to me in writing my first novel. He provided great story editing and provided valuable feedback. Having someone to review my work with a critical but constructive eye like Oren has was incredibly helpful.”

— Phillip Vincent

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Articles by Oren

Witness Oren’s analysis skills and advice in action by sampling his articles. This is only a small fraction of what he’s written. See the full list here.

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