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Unknown Armies: Session, Part 2

Edgy Cover Art for Unknown Armies
This post is 4 in the series: Unkown Armies Roleplay

The saga of Teddy Larson, Loris Murdoch, and Emma Redstone continues! This week, they confront Lin and learn the dark secret at the root of everything. What is that secret? You’ll have to listen and find out! Also featured this session are shenanigans like:

  • Summoning a demon after a failed social roll
  • Transforming into a hostile NPC
  • A daughter blackmailing her mother
  • Unplanned teleportation

And that’s just to start. Whatever we think of the system, we certainly had a blast recording the oneshot.

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  1. Trey Taylor

    Quick comment. I am enjoying these podcasts. It’s been a long time since I played any RPG and this feels like I am at the table – even though I don’t know much about this game. Keep it up!

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