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Unknown Armies: Character Creation, Part 2

This post is 2 in the series: Unkown Armies Roleplay

Last week was the first half of character creation, and this week we continue the charge. It’s time to put another few notches in our hardened meters, define our obsessions, and figure out what kind of game we’re playing. And it seems we’re playing a game about… otherspace Hogwarts? Okay, didn’t expect that, but Unknown Armies is a game about bizarre magic, so it seems to fit.

By the end of this session, everyone knows who their characters are and what they’re setting out to do. Tune in next week as our heroes, and we use the term loosely, try to overthrow the tyrant Lin Redstone.

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  1. CottageGarden

    The guy who just wants to tell jokes is really annoying, he comes off as a mansplainer as well. Sorry to be negative.

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