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Unknown Armies: Character Creation, Part 1

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We’re back with the second installment of the Mythcreant One Shot Podcast. Our game: Unknown Armies. It’s a game of occult horror, where reality ripples in time with the human mind. Power is available for the taking, and characters seek their deepest desire, only to wonder if it’s really worth the price.

Since Unknown Armies has a collaborative character-creation system, we decided to record and post it for your enjoyment. Listen as the players try to navigate an electronic cork board, consider which type of awkwardness magic is right for them, and foist an extra-dimensional Hogwarts upon their hapless GM.

Download the Session

Bonus material: Feast your eyes on the creepy message left on the Roll20 board by a player who shall remain nameless but who is definitely Johnathan.

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  1. SunlessNick

    In the review post, I mentioned having the second edition. Gotta say, character creation is a lot clearer in mine. And it’s a lot less condescending when it talks about obsession: it just notes that obsessive people are the ones who find their way into the occult underground.

  2. Fay Onyx

    My podcast app is downloading the wrong file (it is downloading the FAITH review instead). Not sure why or if this is a general problem. (No problems with part2 or any other episode).

    One possibility: If the wrong file was loaded online for any period of time, it can takes days for itunes or other host services to catch up with the new file. Some of them (like stitcher) actually need you to initiate a process to get a human to update it.

    Or maybe there is some sort of directing error?

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