Top Posts of 2015

Another year has passed! In 2015 Mythcreants partnered with Patreon, held a panel at GeekGirlCon, and of course, wrote lots of juicy articles. For your year-end pleasure, here’s the highlights.

Top Ten Most Popular Posts


Ditch These Five Character Archetypes

Archetypes tell us what role a character plays in a story. Many of these roles are critical for storytelling, but some are just the opposite. Troublesome roles allow storytellers to cut corners, reducing the overall quality of the tale. Take these five archetypes: P.S. Our … read more »


Five Failed Character Arcs

Character arcs form the heart of the story. They give audiences a reason to cheer a character on and add emotional depth to the plot. But not all characters arcs are equal. A good arc doesn’t just take a pauper and make her queen; it … read more »


Three Writing Exercises for Better Characters

A renaissance painting of a woman showing her child a book.

Characters can be tricky to pin down – or even write correctly in the first place. Some lucky writers have characters that are willing to sit down and chat with them. Others can slip themselves into their character’s shoes without much difficulty. If you’re having … read more »


Six Characters Who Should Have Died

Character death is a tricky subject, whether in prose, roleplaying games, or television. Sometimes a character can pass before their time, especially if an actor’s contract expires or a critical hit goes the wrong way. On the other hand, the death of a beloved character … read more »

Blogger Favorites

Seven bloggers wrote at least two articles this year. I badgered each one until they told me which piece they liked the best.


Crafting Plausible Maps

Building a map for a fantasy setting involves a lot of details – most of them fun! Art styles, fonts, and icons need to be chosen. But some mapping concerns go beyond mere aesthetics. If you’re building a sizable chunk of continent on an Earth-like … read more »

Happy New Year to all our wonderful readers and patrons! Thanks for your encouragement and support.



  1. ejdalise

    Thanks for this . . . as a latecomer to the blog, it’s helpful seeing stuff like this.

    . . . and now I want to write in second person.

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      You realize that second person is a legitimate writing perspective. You know it tends to work best in shorter formats. You go write some.

  2. ejdalise

    Will do . . . but right now I just started my entry for the “No shit, there I was” submission call . . . hard to do that in second person.

    But, I will do a SP piece this week. Might even share it.

    It will be fun adding yet another tool to my sure-fire rejection arsenal.

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