How Do I Keep a Redeemed Villain Cool?

questions and answer talk bubbles Hello. How are you? I was wondering about antagonist personalities after they make a change. From Amity of The Owl House to Peridot and Yellow Diamond of Steven Universe, some people (myself not included) believe that they became “less likable” and “lost what made them … read more »

Can My Villain be Cute?

questions and answer talk bubbles Hi! I am not too sure if this is okay to ask, seeing as it doesn’t really have to do with writing, but how can I make a villain that is threatening while also making them have a pastel/cutesy theme? Especially if it’s a guy … read more »

Five Antagonists Who Never Stood a Chance

Rand lifting a magic horn from The Great Hunt's cover art. Captain Kirk’s adventures would be a snoozefest if the Klingons just rolled over for him. No one would care about T’Challa taking back his throne unless Killmonger could match him blow for blow. Batman’s investigations would be pointless if the Joker just turned himself in.* What’s … read more »