How to Tell a Story Within a Story

Stories are great for taking us to extraordinary places, showing us compelling characters, and teaching important lessons. But what about stories within those stories? After all, it would only make sense that the characters would want their own tales of extraordinary places and important lessons. … read more »

How to Use the Uncanny in Your Writing

A hand with all of the fingers the same length. Eye whites that aren’t white. Seeing a stranger in the mirror. A subtler cousin of horror, the uncanny is more about discomfort than fear. Sigmund Freud* described it as, in greatly paraphrased form here, making … read more »

Why You Should Theme Your World

Some mainstream storytellers think speculative fiction is easy; instead of doing research, we just make things up. But anyone who practices the genre knows that we can’t “just make things up” if we want our audience to have a positive experience. We must create a new framework … read more »

35 – Theming Worlds

The Mythcreant Podcast Chris, Mike, and Oren discuss how themes are a common part of worldbuilding. They describe worlds with memorable themes, contemplate how worldbuilders can add themes to their settings, and mention the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.