Five Fascinating Monsters From Speculative Fiction

A giant misty stag with glowing eyes stands in the background, viewed by someone holding a lantern The best monsters have something fresh and interesting to offer. In other words, they’re high in novelty. Novelty not only gives a monster that wow factor but also contributes directly to spookiness. Let’s look at five monsters that gave audiences something to remember.

133 – Werewolves

The Mythcreant Podcast Throw back your head and howl at the moon, for this week we’re discussing werewolves. What is a werewolf, exactly? Where do they come from, and why are they always fighting vampires? We discuss the modern portrayal of werewolves, their pop culture roots, and why … read more »

Preparing to Run the Zombie Apocalypse

Everyone loves to talk about their zombie plan, but who actually needs one? Game masters, that’s who! The zombie apocalypse is ever popular for roleplaying games, but it’s also challenging. Many factors go into creating the perfect undead playground, even when they seem simple from … read more »

How to Use Undead in Your Stories

Undead creatures aren’t limited to shamblers and neck-biters. They come with a wide range of options, and each has its own strengths. A little thought and planning will help you choose the best creatures for your story and help set your undead antagonists apart from … read more »