Using Incantations in Your Magic System

The three Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus singing on stage Classic fantasy spellcasting wouldn’t be the same without incantations, but they’re challenging to work into a magic system. First, you have to create incantations that sound mysterious rather than silly. Second, language is so variable that it’s difficult to pin down how a specific phrase … read more »

Can I Use a Real Language for a Fictional Culture?

questions and answer talk bubbles Hello to everyone at Mythcreants, My question is about how to deal with semi-representative cultures – namely, those that deal with language. There are several countries in the world of my story whose people speak languages that are equivalent to real-life languages (The examples I … read more »

The Four Rules of Using Fake Words

If your story takes place in another world, none of your characters are really speaking English. They aren’t telling stories or recording history in English; they’re doing it in the language you invented for them. An English language book describing their journey is clearly an anachronism. Why not write your … read more »

How to Create a Simple Language

By its nature, speculative fiction takes us to strange new worlds, and with strange new worlds comes the potential for strange new languages. This probably brings to mind Tolkien’s Elvish languages or Marc Okrand’s Klingon. These are such rich, lifelike languages that they give an … read more »