Five Stories With Unsatisfying Endings

Aang in the Avatar State from The Last Air Bender. While satisfaction should be present throughout a story, the most potent dose of satisfaction is delivered by the ending. Or at least, it should be. When an ending fails to live up to expectations, it reduces satisfaction as well as the chances that audiences will read … read more »

Star Trek Series Finales From Worst to Best

The Enterprise viewscreen showing two other Enterprises. Endings are hard, especially endings for a long-running series. A lot of expectations get built up along the way, and how well you meet those expectations will determine whether audiences remember your story fondly or are just glad it’s over. Classic Star Trek varies wildly … read more »

Five Stories With Anticlimactic Endings

Kvothe looking at a city far off in the distance. The meaning of “anticlimactic” is refreshingly simple: the climax is a disappointment. We might call a story anticlimactic if the main villain is defeated too easily, if a major story arc just disappears without explanation, or if the throughline isn’t properly resolved. The story’s climax … read more »