Five Anachronisms That Fantasy Needs

While the fantasy genre is rapidly growing beyond the limitations of medieval Europe, it is still historical almost by definition. Sometimes fantasy stories are literally set in our own world’s history, and sometimes they use history as inspiration. Either way, authors spend a lot of … read more »

Poisons: How to Use Them

I mean in your stories, of course. The correct way to use them in real life is simple: don’t. In stories, on the other hand… well, your characters have to face death at some point. Why not let chemistry help? Ah, but not all poisons … read more »

Five Crazy Things Humans Can Already Do

Set a science fiction story far enough into the future, and you’re bound to see characters with bizarre and fantastic powers. From super-strong post-apocalyptic mutants, to cybernetically enhanced space marines, to living-dead zombies, it’s clear that writers can – and do – apply an artistic … read more »