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Prepared for Christine Winckler
Title of Work: Sergeant Banks and the Meateors
Wordcount: 1000

Your editor is Ariel Anderson
Contact: [email protected]
Edit Level: Light Edit - basic punctuation and spelling fixes

Message From the Editor

Hi Ariel, I’m testing out the smooth new Request a Quote form. It looks a lot like the old one, but it creates a quote post in the back of the site. When it’s time for you to create the quote, you’ll just edit and publish the quote post. I’m not finished with the quote display yet, I figure I’ll rush to do that once you can actually complete a quote ; )

Please confirm you got this email, it would be bad if you aren’t getting submission notices and I think you are.



If you put in your order by May 4, I should be able to get this done before June. Otherwise, it could take me over a month to fit this in my schedule.


This price is not an estimate; it is a guarantee. This price is good for three months starting on May 10, 2017.

Editing Price: $700
Expedite Fee: $100
Feedback Addon: $50
Total Price: $850

Important Information

This quote is for a single pass of editing. You will receive a marked-up copy of your manuscript with edits and comments. Additional revisions are subject to additional fees.

No guarantees are made as to the salability or marketability of the edited manuscript. Nor is there a guarantee that the manuscript will be completely error-free, though all efforts will be made to make it so.

Questions or comments? You may contact your editor or [email protected]

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