Hi again.

So I’ve done all the worldbuilding, I have the plot and know where I want my story to go, but how do I start it? I started with the first chapter but it was boring. I want to show the reader that my characters are different from normal people, so I have a section on what their daily lives look like. But it’s still boring. How can I fix that?


Hey Nobody, great to hear from you again!

I can’t say for sure what’s causing your problem without reading the story, but from what you’ve told me, I’d guess you’re beginning the book before the story actually starts. A lot of authors think they have to start with the character’s “normal life” to set the scene before something goes wrong, but that’s not usually a good idea because everything that happens before the conflict arrives is likely to be boring. No matter how unusual your protagonist’s life is, it’ll have trouble grabbing readers without conflict.

Now, if you want to start before the big conflict shows up and completely upends the protagonist’s life, there is an option for that: start with a smaller, related conflict. For example, if you want to show your hero in their home village before the evil lord attacks, you can open with the hero and their family trying to find a lost child in the woods. This is an important conflict, but not a world-changing one. It’ll give you a chance to establish the protagonist, their family, and some elements of their normal life without boring readers.

Once you do that, tie the missing child arc into the evil warlord plot. Perhaps when the protag finds their missing sibling, the kid is playing with a discarded spear. That’s weird, and it leads the protagonist to discover a scouting party of the warlord’s soldiers. Now you can transition seamlessly into the main conflict.

If that doesn’t work, we have a host of articles under our beginnings tag that should get you started.

Hope that answers your question, and good luck with your story!

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