Hello. While I was worldbuilding, I noticed that my characters do not really use technology to do things like travelling – however, there are things like trains/cars/flying vessels in big cities. My characters come from a small town, where there are some bits of technology (like the fantasy equivalent of an iphone/android/samsung/what have you), and motorcycles, but nothing super big. Is this realistic? I feel like I am making some kind of mistake.

Hey Hadeel, great to hear from you!

I can’t fully answer your question without having read the story, but just from what you’ve told me, it does sound like this could be a bit strange. If your characters are passing up more efficient ways to travel in favor of less efficient ones, readers will probably wonder why. All things being equal, the goal of travel is usually to get where you’re going as efficiently as possible, so passing up an airship to ride your motorcycle cross-country is a bit confusing.

Of course, context is everything, and there are lots of reasons characters might use a less efficient form of transit. In Supernatural, for example, Sam and Dean routinely drive cross-country rather than taking planes, even though the plane would be a lot faster. They have a number of reasons for doing this:

  1. They’re wanted criminals, so flying is tricky.
  2. They have a trunk full of guns and other weapons they need to transport.
  3. If they get attacked on a plane, they’d have limited options for fighting back.
  4. Dean really loves his car.

So if your characters are going to use less efficient forms of transit, make sure they have a good, easy to understand reason. Perhaps they need to make multiple stops along the way, so ground transit makes more sense than air. And perhaps they often have to chase or flee from enemies through narrow streets, so motorcycles make more sense than cars. It’s all about context!

Hope that answers your question, and good luck with your story!

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