Behold the Last Ship of the Republic, a podcast recording of our Star Wars roleplaying campaign. Listen as we definitely don’t rip off Battlestar Galactica with our story of a single warship fighting for survival against all odds. In this first session, our heroes return from a deep space mission to find a galaxy that’s been forever changed by the Empire.


Generously transcribed by Bellis. Volunteer to transcribe a podcast.

Oren: Hello and welcome to the first episode of the Mythcreants actual play podcast. I am Oren, I will be GMing the game this month for your enjoyment. This campaign is titled Last Ship of the Republic. It is set in the Star Wars universe using a heavily modded version of the Burning Empires rules. Don’t worry if you’ve never played Burning Empires, I will be keeping the rules as simple as possible and explaining them as we go, if necessary. You should be able to follow it without any problems.

The premise of the game is that right when the Clone War was first getting started, the Republic launched a Dreadnought heavy cruiser called the Cartographer on a mission to map the uncharted territories. This may ring some bells for those of you familiar with the outbound flight project. Since you can’t use hyperspace in places where the routes haven’t been mapped, this was a very long assignment. Took about twenty years to complete, though the crew was only awake for about five of that, cause they were in cryosleep when the ship had to take long journeys in normal space.

Won’t it be interesting to see what happens when a Republic ship shows up right between movies IV and V, or New Hope and Empire, as you may know them?

Now we will go ahead and introduce my players and their characters, starting to my right:

Chris: I’m Chris and I’m playing Toni Cledias. Toni is a human female, she’s in her thirties. She is the ship’s engineer. She also happens to be a conspiracy theorist and a slicer, but she likes to keep that quiet from the rest of the crew.

Oren (GM): Nobody knows. I believe that she has a nom de plume as the ship’s, uh, as something like, what is she? The ship’s tabloid news editor or something?

Chris: She has her alternate identity, she goes by The Revealist and she writes a, well, it’s really a tabloid, called The Revealer in which she likes to share her conspiracy theories.

Oren (GM), sarcastic: Which are always 100% accurate and well sourced!

Chris: Of course!

Oren (GM): Moving on:

Rhys: I’m Rhys and I will be playing Wonbi, who is a pragmatic 2-1B droid with a flair for gallows humor and is the ship’s chief medical officer.

Oren (GM): Oh, and I forgot something. Chris, would you tell the audience your two beliefs?

Chris: Absolutely. So my two beliefs are, first: Everyone has a secret. If you don’t notice anything suspicious, dig deeper. My second belief is: Stay in Wonbi’s good graces or else you’ll have no emergency medical support or worse, someone to help repair broken hull breaches.

Oren (GM): Both of those are important. Rhys, would you care to give Wonbi’s two beliefs?

Rhys: Of course. Orders must be followed, but organics often leave room for interpretation. And: Pinok can sometimes err on the side of danger, I must always present a different perspective to keep her thinking clearly.

Oren (GM): Pinok being the ship’s captain, who we will introduce in a moment. But first we have:

Mike: I’m Mike, and I’m going to be playing Colonel Kolit Gron, who is the commander of the marine forces, both ship’s security and troops for our ship. And the first officer as well. Colonel Kolit Gron’s beliefs are: Never start a battle unless victory is certain. And: The Revealist has become a threat to discipline. A ship needs a clear chain of command and control of information.

Oren (GM): Ooooh!

Oren (GM): That will cause some sparks later, that will be fun! And finally, we have:

Chloe: I am Chloe and I’m going to be playing Pinok, who is the ship’s captain. Pinok is a young middle-aged Ryn who was born on the streets, and then grew up in the underworld of boxing before being drafted into, as a yeoman and then discipline officer, and has ended up in her current place now. And her beliefs are to trust in people’s capability and push them to do things they didn’t know they could, even if they might have resistance. And also to stand by what’s right and don’t budge for anything or anyone, no matter what the odds.

Oren (GM): And you were actually the ship’s first officer, until recently the captain, a Trandoshan by the name of Larisk was killed in a hyperspace accident. The Revealist has some interesting theories about that.

Chris: Yeah. So the latest Revealer has some headlines, first: “Did Captain Larisk really Die from a Rare Space Anomaly or did Somebody intentionally Sabotage the hyperspace calculations? Five things the new Cartographer Leadership doesn’t want you to Know.”

Chris: And last: “How to tell if your Loved One has been replaced by a Clone when you return home.”

Oren (GM), jokingly: Important things to know!

Chris (jokingly): It is! It’s really important. It’s happened.

Oren (GM): So the ship– Oh, by the way, did we point out, Mike, that your character is a Mon Cal?

Mike: No, I missed that. Thank you. Yeah, Kolit Gron is a Mon Cal.

Oren (GM): Very good at pointing out traps.

Oren (GM): The session opens as the Cartographer is in hyperspace on the final leg of its journey. You are in the last few minutes of your final hyperspace jump back into the Galactic Republic. You are approaching the Dara system where the plan is that you will be greeted by a reception of other Republic ships. Which will– There’ll be a big ceremony and reception, and you guys will be famous because you just did this thing that as far as you know, no one else has ever done successfully.

Chris: There are hidden dangers in those receptions.

Oren (GM): That’s definitely true.

Oren (GM): Most of the senior officers, including the chief engineer, are on the bridge. Normally the engineer would be in engineering, but since this is a ceremonial event, you guys all have your fancy dress uniforms on.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: A fanfare is a little bit much, I think.

Oren (GM): The ship’s brain– Cause this is a heavily modified Dreadnought, that doesn’t have a crew of 16,000, It’s closer to 2000. Which is still plenty of people, but the sections of the ship that would normally require all those people are run by an artificial intelligence that goes by Cari, as short for Cartographer. And it speaks up: “It’s important for the news networks, Captain. The Republic bet quite a lot of prestige on this mission being accomplished successfully, especially in the midst of the war. No doubt they will be pleased at your return.”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Well, I mean, I’m pleased at our return, too.

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi (darkly): Those of us who are returning.

Oren (GM): Mmh. There’s a bit of an awkward silence broken by the ship’s navigator and second officer, who is a young man, a little bit inexperienced and not really planning to be the ship’s second officer. But when the captain died, everyone moves up, regardless.

Oren as navigator: We’re coming up on hyperspace exit. Five, four, three, two, one…

Oren (GM): The ship comes out of hyperspace. And for a moment, some of the people start cheering, until they kind of realize that there are no other ships. You were expecting a bunch of other ships to meet you and it’s just sort of empty space.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Um…

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Navigation officer, are we at the appropriate coordinates?

Oren (GM): The navigation officer I was just voicing, his name is Huan Li. He’s: “Uh, just a minute, Sir.” [sound effect: computery beepy whistly sounds] There’s some beeping as he goes through and checks the coordinates. “Yes, Sir. We’re in the right place. We are a few minutes early. I don’t think that would affect much. I’m detect– uh, yes, I’ve confirmed, Dara IV and V are where they should be. There’s a new orbital. I don’t remember that being there last time.”

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: I’ll double check the sensors.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Do you think anybody forgot? Kind of a big–

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: You don’t think that they really just forgot? I mean…

Oren (GM): “I mean, we’re a big deal, aren’t we? I think we’re supposed to be,” says the navigation officer.

The ship’s sprain speaks up: ”Captain, this is very odd. I am being denied access to the local holonet node. It is not recognizing my access codes, which is understandable after twenty years. However, it should not require access codes for basic information. Something about ‘emergency wartime measures’? I’m not– It doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Is there a way to pull up some headlines?

Oren as ship’s brain: I am attempting to do so Captain, but even the local newsfeeds seem to be censored.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: It’s been twenty years, surely the war isn’t still going on.

Oren as ship’s brain: I am detecting no signs of combat or heavy military presence. There are several freighters in the inner system. They seem to have noticed us, but are taking no action.

Oren (GM): Suddenly there is a sensor alarm sound from another console on the bridge and the ship’s gunner, a young woman by the name of Tabatha Barnes, speaks up: “Captain? We have weapon’s fire within five clicks.”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Aimed at us?

Oren as gunner Barnes: No, Captain, there’s a small freighter and, uh, what looks like– I think it’s a patrol ship. It’s not a class I recognize. Firing on the freighter. The patrol ship’s transponder signal identifies it as the ISS Silverfish.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: The ISS Silverfish?

Oren as gunner Barnes: Yes, captain.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Can we flag the ship that’s firing?

Oren as gunner Barnes: Yes, Sir. I’m trying to raise them now. They are only responding with: “Carrying out orders as instructed” and then giving me an access code I don’t recognize.

Oren (GM): Ship’s AI speaks up: “Captain, the patrol ship is jamming the freighter’s transmissions. However, I believe it is attempting to surrender.”

Oren as gunner Barnes: Captain, the patrol ship is circling around for another pass! The freighter doesn’t seem to have any weapons. I’m not sure what’s going on.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Put our shields up!

Oren as gunner Barnes: Aye, Captain, shields up.

Chloe: I want to get involved. I want to stop them and figure out what’s happening. This seems very strange.

Oren (GM): The ship’s brain speaks up: “Captain, the patrol ship is still refusing to answer hails.”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Can we hail the freighter?

Oren as ship’s brain: Not with this much jamming, Captain.

Chris: Toni takes out a small purple handheld console out of her pocket and starts fussing with it and a few minutes later, there’s a communiqué to all the crew on the ship, letting them know that the New World Order is at hand.

Oren (GM): Well, before that happens, because events are moving rather quickly, there’s another sensor alert and the gunner speaks up again: “Captain, there is no way the freighter’s going to survive another run. The patrol ship is charging its weapons for another barrage. I can hit it. Do you want me to knock out it’s weapons?”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: The patrol ship? Do so.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Captain? Should we be interfering when we can’t identify either ship?

Chloe as Captain Pinok: At this point, the worst our interference is going to be is to knock out their weapons. And stall them. The freighter’s already down.

Oren as gunner Barnes: Activating battery one. [sound effect: computery beepy whistly sounds] Dammit, battery one’s not responding. Switching to battery two.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: I’ll check out battery one.

Oren as gunner Barnes: Thanks.

Oren (GM): Then you hear the sound of turbo-lasers– or not turbo-lasers cause it’s a pretty small patrol ship. You wouldn’t bust out the really big guns, but–

Mike: Yeah, that wouldn’t just–

Mike: –Disable its weapons, it would probably punch a hole in it.

Oren (GM): –Of laser weapons firing. [sound effect: laser weapons: peow! peow! peow!] You see them lance out into space and strike the patrol ship, which is about the size of maybe, it’s about three times the size of the Millennium Falcon. It’s around that size.

Mike: Okay, large corvette size.

Oren (GM): Yeah. It’s like Corellian corvette size. And the freighter is smaller and you’re close enough to actually see it now. And it looks pretty cobbled together. You don’t recognize specifically what the parts are from, but it definitely looks like a lot of its systems are probably jury-rigged.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Try to hail the patrol ship again, now.

Oren as ship’s brain: They are answering, Captain.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Fancy that.

Oren (GM): A very angry voice comes up onto the comm: “This is Captain Hesmet of the imperial patrol ship Silverfish. What are you doing?”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: This is Captain Pinok of the Cartographer. You ignored our hails before and we wanted to check in and see what the situation was.

Oren as Captain of the Silverfish: Identify yourself! What fleet Admiral do you report to?

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Pardon?

Oren (GM): Yeah, you guys are like, what?

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi: Well, this is quite the welcome home.

Oren (GM): The channel closes.

Oren as ship’s brain: Captain, I believe the patrol ship is powering up its engines and attempting to go to hyperspace.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Fire again!

Oren as gunner Barnes: Yes, Ma’am!

Oren (GM): The gunnery officer switches weapons and you see more fire, but the patrol ship, which is pretty agile, zooms out of your firing arc faster than you were expecting and disappears into hyperspace.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: *sighs* Get closer to the freighter!

Oren as ship’s brain: Now that the jamming field is gone, Captain, I can def– The freighter is requesting assistance. They are saying that their reactor core is overloading and that they have lost life support.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Do you think you could work on another ship you’ve never seen before?

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Um, I certainly can try, but they’ve lost life support, how much time do they have?

Oren as ship’s brain: Minutes, I believe.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Let’s get as many on as we can!

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Yeah, certainly can’t work miracles in only a few minutes’ time.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Of course!

Oren (GM): All right. So you guys are going to deploy shuttles to evacuate the freighter?

Chloe: Yeah.

Oren (GM): Okay. Are any of you guys going on that evacuation or are you going to send NPCs?

Chloe: First officer? Can you go…?

Mike: Colonel Gron can go. Yeah. I will take a detachment of our marines.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Wonbi, if there is wounded, you should come along as well.

Chris: Could I realistically extend the time by going? Or, I mean, only a few minutes, it doesn’t really give me a lot of time to do anything.

Oren (GM): Yeah, probably not.

Chris: Okay.

Rhys: You’d have to get to the room and, yeah, that doesn’t sound like…

Chris: I’ll keep working on that battery that did not respond.

Chloe: Yeah!

Oren (GM): Okay. Um, what’s your character’s name again, Mike?

Mike: Gron.

Oren (GM): So Colonel Gron and Wonbi book it down to the shuttle bay where you guys have a pair of assault shuttles and a science vessel. Because your ship, this was a survey mission, so you had a little science ship parked in your bay, which is called the Doubleblind.

Chloe: D.B.

Oren (GM): But at the moment you are more interested in the assault shuttles because they’re sturdier. You launch both of them. [sound effect: Shuttle launch and flight, a low rumbling whoosh] Crossing the short distance to the freighter, which is clearly in bad shape. You can see that it is leaking oxygen. There’s little puffs of gas come out from small ruptures in the hull. And you guys dock with it.

Cutting back up to the bridge. So you’re working on– Give me a… I just realized, I pointed at somebody. Chris, this is going to actually require jury-rigging, you don’t have time to repair it. Give me a jury-rigging roll, obstacle two, to get main battery one back online.

Chris: So, I don’t actually have jury-rigging.

Oren (GM): Oh, you don’t?

Chris: No, I have repair and engineering and munitions…

Oren (GM): Okay. All right, nevermind then. Make it a repair roll.

Chris: Okay.

Oren (GM): I thought that that was a skill you had.

Rhys: That’s a skill one of my bodies has.

Mike: You’re a creepy one, Wonbi.

Rhys: I am… delightful.

Chris: Can I fork damage-wise?

Oren (GM): You can totally fork damage-wise.

Chris: [shakes dice, rolls] Four successes!

Oren (GM): That is more than enough. You find the problem. There is a damaged transfer circuit. You’ll need more extensive repairs later, but you’ve got it up and working for now. And just as you finished the repairs, you can see the two shuttles have docked with the freighter. And in one case they actually had to cut into the hull because the airlock wasn’t working.

Your navigation officer speaks up: “Captain, I’m detecting hyperspace signatures. Something– Whoa!”

And you see appearing in front of you, like they do out of hyperspace, this enormous wedge shaped vessel. [sound effect: hyperspace exit, a low booming whoosh.] And you’re familiar with the very early Star Destroyers that they used during the Clone Wars. This thing is much bigger and much meaner looking.

Out of game: For those of you who know, it is a Victory II Star Destroyer.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: That is not built for peace missions.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Err, shields up! Are they hailing us?

Oren as ship’s brain: They are, Captain. Their weapons are charged and targeted on us.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Can we get closer to them? Can we get so we’re hugging them, not in their range?

Oren as ship’s brain: I believe they would interpret that act as hostile, Captain. Shall I put their commanding officer on screen?

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Yes.

Oren (GM): Unlike Star Trek where there’s a central viewscreen that everybody looks at, the Star Wars bridges have a– I guess the computer would actually say “on hologram” because they have that holographic table in the center, which is sort of the main information area. So that turns on and the image of a middle-aged very hard looking woman in an imperial navy uniform appears. “This is Admiral Mira Satee. Who am I speaking with?”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Admiral. My name is Captain Pinok of our ship, the USS Cartographer.

Oren (GM): Out of game, it would actually be the RSS Cartographer.

Chloe: The RSS! “USS” [laughs] [laughter]

Oren (GM): She raises an eyebrow. “Really, the Cartographer. Hm. You’ve been gone a while.”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Twenty years! We were expecting, um, a little ceremony to meet us here.

Oren as Admiral Satee: Priorities have changed. Now, Captain, I will have to order you to turn command over to your highest ranking human officer and prepare to be boarded.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Excuse me?

Oren as Admiral Satee: You have your orders, Captain.

Oren (GM): Screen shuts off.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Well! Huh, umm… Prepare to be [hesitantly:] boarded.

Oren as ship’s brain: Captain, I do not believe their offer was sincere. They are maneuvering into an optimal firing position. I believe they are simply trying to buy time.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Evasive maneuvers!

Oren as ship’s brain: Captain, they are firing.

Mike: I am on the wrong ship!

Rhys: We both are.

Oren (GM): There is a lot of shouting and alarms going off [sound effect: alarms] as the ship is hit by a broadside of turbo-laser fire. And like, all of your damage screens are lighting up [sound effect: explosions] as–

Mike: All of them.

Oren (GM): Well, maybe not all of them, but a bunch of them. And Chris, your character’s looking at this, being like, “Aw, I have been keeping all this working for so long!” [laughs]

Chris: [groans.] The console in my pocket is meowing.

Chris: It actually meows.

Chloe: What’s our pilot’s name again?

Oren (GM): Oh, your helmsman?

Chloe: Yeah.

Oren (GM): He has a name… Hang on a minute.

Mike: He also responds to “Helmsman!”

Oren (GM): He does respond to helmsman.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Helmsman, get us out of here!

Oren as helmsman: Captain, the two shuttles aren’t back yet!

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Errr! Get us– Get us out of here!

Oren as helmsman: Yes, Captain!

Chloe: So wait, where is this on the timeline of the shuttles? Where are they? Have they contacted the freighter?

Oren (GM): They are– So we’ll cut over to the shuttles. You guys got on board and the ship was all smoky and sparking and full of damage. And there were a bunch of people packed in very tight, there are probably about a hundred people on this shuttle. Or wait, no, not that many, excuse me. There are probably about twenty people on this shuttle. Or this freighter, excuse me. So I guess they’re not packed in that tight.

But there are about twenty people who are still alive. A number of them have already been killed by the damage the ship received. And they are, except for one, they are all non-humans, a combination of Rodians and some Twi’leks and two Wookiees. And they don’t look like soldiers. None of them are hard bitten veterans or anything. They’re all wearing civilian outfits. And you immediately are like, “Okay, need to get them onto the shuttle.”

Wonbi, I would like you to make a human biology roll, obstacle three. And I’m going to go ahead and rephrase that as organic biology, since everything in Star Wars is very similar.

Rhys: Yeah…

Oren (GM): And making you take human biology when humans are one of like 5,000 species you might meet.

Rhys: Let’s see here. And could I fork triage wise?

Oren (GM): Yes. And Mike, your character has command, yes?

Mike: Yes, I do.

Oren (GM): Alright, I would like you to make a command roll, obstacle three, to keep them calm as you get them onto your shuttles.

Mike: Okay. I’m going to fork morale wise.

Oren (GM): Excellent. They could use some morale.

Rhys: And I have three successes.

Oren (GM): Okay. You have a couple that– That’s a success. You have a few that you stabilize early.

Mike: [rolls dice] Is it three plus or four plus?

Oren (GM): Four plus.

Mike: I have no successes.

Other players (lamenting): Oooh!

Oren (GM): Okay, so–

Mike (jokingly): If it was three plus I would have nailed this! [chuckles]

Oren (GM): So they see your guys, your marines, who I imagine are– Are they wearing clone trooper armor? What kind of uniforms are they wearing?

Mike: No, they would probably be closest to what the imperial navy troopers look like, but instead of the black uniforms, probably like dark gray. Or khaki, let’s say khaki.

Oren (GM): So they see the uniforms and they panic, the people on the freighter. And  some of them start begging for their lives, others try to run, even though they have nowhere to go. A couple of them pull out really kind of beat up blasters and start firing. So now I’m going to have to ask for a tactics roll to see if you can subdue them without having to kill a bunch of them.

Mike: Okaay…

Oren (GM): This is going to be obstacle three.

Mike: [shakes dice] Let me just see if there’s anything else I can… fork.

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi (sarcastic): I’m always so glad to be part of rescue missions.

Oren (GM): Wonbi sort of backs up as blaster fire starts flying. [laughs]

Mike: Yep, okay. Let’s just hope I roll better this time. [rolls dice] Three you say?

Oren (GM): Yep.

Mike: I got three.

Oren (GM): Okay. So you order your crew to switch to stun and despite the disadvantage of having stun while they are firing regular settings at you, you are able to disable the ones who are fighting [sound effect: blaster fire, peeow] and sort of drag the rest bodily back onto your shuttles. And a lot of them are still kind of panicking. Wonbi is giving them sedatives, being like, “Don’t! You’re going to make your injuries worse, just stop that.” Giving them the big old McCoy injection to the neck.

As you guys are flying back out of the shuttle, you see the imperial, the Victory Star Destroyer come out of hyperspace and then very shortly after start firing on the Cartographer. And the Cartographer returns fire but this is clearly a mismatch, as the Dreadnought is a heavy cruiser against a battleship class.

Meanwhile, on the ship, the crew–

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Pilot, get us there faster!

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Stop firing! We don’t have any more supplies!

Oren (GM): The crew is looking to you to keep them alive. You are going to need to make a tactics roll.

Chloe: Alright.

Oren (GM): You are looking at obstacle three. Remember the bonus you get from your visor, because you have this special visor that goes over your eyes and displays the ship’s statistics. And I’ll give you a bonus die because the engineer got your main battery working properly.

Chloe: Can I also have a bonus, can I use strategy?

Oren (GM): Yes– Well actually, no, because strategy is really long term. Doing this was bad strategy. [laughs] [Chloe shakes dice, general laughter]

Chloe: Yeah, that’s fair. [rolls dice] Ob three?

Oren (GM): Ob three.

Chloe: All right, that’ll do it! Three sixes.

Oren (GM): All right! So you order the ship to go on a certain course to try to keep out of the worst of their firing arc. You’re still taking damage, but the ship is at least in one piece. You feel it shudder a couple of times under impacts. And then you have the two, you hear that the two shuttles are back on board and your navigational officer is panickly working his controls and the ship jumps to lightspeed. But in a really, you can tell, an uncontrolled way, he was super rushed and didn’t plot a course properly.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: You can do it!

Oren (GM): You say that just as the ship jumps into lightspeed and it only stays in lightspeed for about ten seconds.

Chloe: All I need. [nervous chuckle]

Oren (GM): Oh, and by lightspeed I mean hyperspace, it’s not actually lightspeed. And when it comes out of hyperspace it is this really awkward spin angle because it was not calculated properly. And Chris, your character is just calculating all the further damage this is going to do to the engines.

Chris: [mimics crying] I’m trying to think, what am I supposed to do to repair this?

Oren (GM): It’s like, “Where am I supposed to get spare parts?” So when the ship stops spinning, as you all kind of pick yourselves up off the floor, the ship brain speaks up: “Captain, we are approximately 0.65 lightyears from our previous position. I do not believe the enemy ship is pursuing. We made a somewhat chaotic jump. It will be unlikely they will be able to trace our location for some time. As chief engineer–“ What’s your character’s last name again?

Chris: Cledias.

Oren as ship’s brain: As chief engineer Cledias will certainly be able to tell you, our ship has sustained significant damage. We do have both shuttles back aboard and the first officer is currently paging you through the comm system.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: [sighs] Cledias?

Chris: Call me Toni.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Toni.

Chris: Unless you’re formal.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Toni, take all the support you need. Anything that I can do to assist you? You have it.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Can I disassemble the frothy beverage machine? I just need all the parts I can get.

Chloe as Captain Pinok (unhappy): One thing that we have!

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: That’s the point. It’s the one thing that works and so the parts are still good. Can’t really spare very much else.

Chloe as Captain Pinok (gravely): Okay. If you can find a way to reassemble it after we’re back up and running and have a chance to resupply.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias (sarcastic): Sure. After everything is happy again, I’m sure we’ll have all the parts we want and can have all the frothy beverages.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Warn the crew!

Oren: Put up a sign!

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: No problem.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Uh. Korn?

Mike: Kolit.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Kolit?

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Yes, Captain. What was that? Was that a Republic cruiser?

Chloe as Captain Pinok: That was a wonderful display from our helmsman and our bridge crew pulling through in odds that were a little bit… not what we expected.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: All right, but who…? Who attacked us? What was that ship?

Chloe as Captain Pinok: I don’t know. Admiral… something.

Oren as ship’s brain: Admiral Mira Satee was how the enemy officer introduced herself, Captain.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Admiral Mira Satee, I don’t know what she was Admiral of.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Was it a Republic ship or a Separatist ship?

Chloe as Captain Pinok: It didn’t look like either; her uniform was one that I had not seen before.

Oren (GM): There is another beep. This is actually coming from your comm systems. The ship’s brain says: “Captain, I am picking up a wide band signal. I believe it is intended to be received by anyone with the correct equipment. Shall I play it?”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Yeah!

Oren (GM): The holo table powers up again. And you see a woman who looks like she’s maybe in her late forties, blonde hair, but looks like maybe it is a dye job, you’re not sure, wearing a very smart looking civilian suit. She is reading very– you get the feeling that she’s reading an offscreen cue card, cause she’s speaking very formally.

Oren as Cahna Adonne: Hello. This is Cahna Adonne representing the office of Grand Moff Romes with an important update on the crisis on Dara IV. We have reports that rioters are still on the streets in several cities and out in the countryside. The security forces and our own imperial troops are working to contain them. If you have any information on these troublemakers, please contact your local imperial official immediately. Otherwise stay in your homes. This is a trying time, but I have faith together we will push through it. Stay safe, citizens of the empire!

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Empire?!

Oren as ship’s brain: That does seem to be how they are identifying themselves, Captain.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Kolit? Do any of the folks that you just brought on board happen to speak Basic?

Oren (GM): Well out of game, I think pretty much everyone in the galaxy speaks Basic, but–

Mike: Yeah!

Chloe: Chewie doesn’t.

Chloe: I heard there were Wookiees.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Yes. Once we’ll make sure that those who are injured are getting proper medical care I will speak with those that are in good condition and see if we can gain any intelligence on the situation.

Oren (GM): So speaking of which, one of the people who seems to be in better condition than the others–you found him in the cockpit, trying to keep the ship in one piece–

Mike: Ah, the pilot?

Oren (GM): Yeah. –is a human, who is looking at you, like really confused. He was being checked out by Wonbi and then he caught sight of you and is just sort of staring at you. He just doesn’t understand.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Pilot, perhaps you can help enlighten me to the situation here.

Oren as freighter pilot: Why…? I don’t– Who are you? Why are working for the Imperials?

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: My name is Colonel Kolit Gron. I am an officer in the Republic Navy.

Oren (GM): He looks even more confused. “What ship is this?”

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: This is the Dreadnought class cruiser the Cartographer.  We have just returned from a mission of exploration.

Oren (GM): He stops and thinks. “When did you leave?”

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Approximately twenty years ago.

Oren as freighter pilot: Oh. Wow! My name is Sal. I’m– well, I was a reporter. I guess technically now I’m an outlaw. Wow, you don’t know about any of it. You don’t know about Palpatine or the Senate or Alderaan…

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: We just returned to Republic space. Any information that you can give us would be very helpful.

Oren as Sal: You’re a damn time capsule!

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Perhaps you should come with me, Sir, and we will speak with the captain.

Oren as Sal: Yeah, I think I should…

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Wonbi, is he alright to move?

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi: He should be.

Oren (GM): He’s a bit scorched, but yeah, he’ll be fine. Meanwhile, you are dealing with some of them who are clearly in worse shape. And you know, you’ve got the wounds you would expect from being on a ship that was being shot at, like burns and such, but some of the other ones look like they received injuries, your guess would be through either interrogation or torture. They have broken bones and deep bruising, the kind of stuff that you get from being beat on.

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi: Well. What a lot you are.

Oren (GM): So, Colonel you take Mr. Sal up to the bridge to meet with the captain.

Although, there’s a quick cut scene to the outside of the Cartographer, which has taken significant damage. There are a number of automated repair droids kind of going around, making tiny little welding jobs on parts of the hull. And then there is a quick cut over to one section that looks at first like it was hit, because there’s a tear in the hull, but then the camera focuses in and you see a small pod wedged into the ship’s hull.

Mike: Gasp!

Oren: Le gasp!

Mike: No, just regular gasp.

Oren: Not a French gasp.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: So much damage everywhere!

Oren (GM): Chris, can I see your character sheet for a second? Describe what’s going on with you. Chris, I’m actually going to need two rolls from you. I’m going to need a munitions roll, because the ship’s weapons are not in great shape. And you’re going to want them to maybe fire a couple more times befor the give out.

Chris: Can I fork repair? [shakes dice]

Oren (GM): Yes. You’re looking for obstacle two.

Chris: [rolls dice] Done.

Oren (GM): Okay. [sound effect: powering up, low rumbling that gets louder] So the ship’s weapons, you are able to hook up some secondary power systems. You take the batteries out of the drink machines and out of the cryo pods. Cause you figured you probably aren’t going to need those.

And then I’m going to need an engineering roll because the ship’s engines are really, they’re not even so much damaged as shot and you’re going to need to rig up something to bypass the damaged systems. You’re going to need to start working on–

Chris: Can I fork fabrication?

Oren (GM): Yes.

Chris: [shakes dice, rolls] I only got two passes on that one.

Oren (GM): Okay. So the ship is capable of making two more jumps before you are dead in the water. And you could complete the job if you were able to get access to parts and such, but at the moment you just don’t have the materials.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Captain, I’ve got some bad news: Unless we get more materials for repairs we got only two hyperspace jumps left.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Then we need to find somewhere to dock for a bit.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: If you can.

Mike: Just a quick thing I thought of: In addition to you calling out the obstacles, which I noticed you have been, we should call out how many dice we’re rolling.

Oren (GM): Ah, yes, good plan. So up on the bridge, the first officer with this human fellow, who is like in his mid twenties and he looks a little bit, he’s still kind of wide-eyed at this whole thing. Like he was not exactly in shock, but he was definitely not really sure what was going on. And as he’s staring at all of these aliens and humans mixing and wearing uniforms, he’s just like, “What is even happening here?” And he comes up to you: “You’re the captain?”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: I sure am. My name is Captain Pinok. Welcome aboard!

Oren as Sal: Manu Sal. Nice to meet you!

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Sal is the pilot of the freighter that we rescued.

Oren as Sal: Well, pilot in the loosest sense, I’m actually a reporter. I was working with those people there on a story about imperial land redistribution and the Moff didn’t like that and wanted them taken care of, and I was trying to get them out and I should’ve known that bucket of bolts wouldn’t get us past the patrol ship. That was really the only option we had.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: I’m sorry, you said the Moff?

Oren as Sal: Uh, yes, it’s what they call their regional governors. Grand Moff Romes is in charge of the whole Halax Cluster. [ooc:] Which is sort of this local area of space that you guys were in. [As Sal:] Do we have somewhere private we can talk? I think I need to catch you guys up on a lot of history.

Chris: Nowhere is private to the computer systems…

Oren (GM): That’s true. [laughs]

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: This way to the captain’s ready room.

Oren (GM): Yeah. So rather than describe in character as he relays the events of everything that happened in the Star Wars universe, basically you guys walk in and he takes out one of those little holo projectors and puts it down on the table. And he’s: “This is not going to be easy, so I’ll just start with it.” And the scene kind of fades on him showing you an image of Alderaan breaking apart.

And then we will cut to a little bit later where it can be assumed that you guys have been filled in on the Empire and how the Republic doesn’t exist anymore and how Chancellor Palpatine is now Emperor Palpatine.

Mike: Oh god!

Oren (GM): And you guys are kind of like, I don’t know if you believe it entirely or not, but he fills you in on that.

Chris: And shortly after, there is an update to the latest Revealer: The Sixth Thing that the Cartographer Leadership doesn’t want you to know!

Chris: Everything you need to know about the New World Order.

Oren (GM): Hey, give me a security rigging roll, looking at obstacle three.

Chris: Okay, security rigging. Can I fork engineering since I have good knowledge of– or, actually, I know the ship like the back of my hand?

Oren (GM): That’s true. You can bring in that trait for a bonus die.

Chris: Okay. So I’m going to roll seven die [starts shaking dice].

Oren (GM): Yep. Seven dice, technically, but yes.

Chris: Seven dice, yes. [rolls dice] Ooh, I’ve only got one!

Oren (GM): All right. Well, that will be interesting.

Oren (GM): Go ahead and mark that down as a failure.

Chloe: I’m imagining the next update is actually like: “The frothy machines were overpowered.” [laughs] [laughter]

Oren (GM): Well, um, that will come up later, because you got the information, but perhaps you weren’t quite as good at covering your tracks as you thought.

Chris: I was too excited. I was really eager about the information and I was not as careful as I usually am.

Oren (GM): But that will come up later. For now, as you guys come out of the ready room, the bridge crew is just sort of staring at you. The ship’s diplomatic officer who is a Twi’lek by the name of Vall comes up. “Captain?” He shows you a pad. “Is this true?”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: I can’t confirm or deny that it’s true. That’s what we were just told. I don’t know. I hope not.

Mike: Kolit Gron takes the pad, he reads it over quickly. And– who is the chief of security?

Oren (GM): Oh, ship’s chief of security? Uh…

Mike: Brook.

Oren (GM): Yeah.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Chief Brook!

Oren as security chief Brook: I’m a little busy down here, Colonel, what’s going on?

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Chief, your top priority of this moment is to find the Revealist. Drop everything else that you’re doing and bring that person to me now, as soon as you can.

Oren as security chief Brook: Yes, Colonel! I’ll get right on it.

Chloe: I want to try and– oh, sorry.

Mike: Gron starts fuming and pacing [laughter] as he waves about the pad that has that Revealist new headline.

Oren (GM): [laughs] He’s like “God damn it, we can’t keep a secret on this ship!”

Mike: Yep.

Oren (GM): Chloe, what are you doing?

Chloe: I’m gonna look at him, be like, “We weren’t trying to keep it a secret anyway, we were just trying to hear it first. I want to talk to the crew.”

Oren (GM): The officer Vall sort of takes you aside for a minute: “Captain, a lot of the crew will have a very difficult time believing any of this. I have to say, I find it highly far-fetched myself. It just doesn’t seem possible.”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: I’m not going to keep it from them. It’s their choice to believe it or not.

Oren as diplomatic officer Vall: I’m just– Do we trust the source, is all I’m saying. He may be trying to manipulate us for some reason.

Chloe: Oh, I thought you said Sal. You said Vall.

Oren (GM): Yeah, Vall.

Oren (GM): Sorry, I guess those two characters have very similar names, I didn’t consider that.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: I– Especially with this Revealist article that just came out, I’m going to tell them what I just heard. I will tell them that I don’t know if it’s true, this is word from the freighter that we have picked up. But that it does match the odd uniforms, addressing themselves as Imperials and firing on us, immediately.

Oren (GM): Okay. So you turn on the ship-wide intercom.

Chloe: I’m not a motivational person. I just have like intimidation and shit.

Oren (GM): I mean, you can use conspicuous for a speech giving skill.

Chloe: Yeah, yeah! Alright. I’m going to use conspicuous and, um–

Oren (GM): Technically that skill is oratory, but since none of your guys’ lifepaths gave you access to that skill and I would like you to be able to make speeches, I’m gonna rule  that conspicuous will work for it.

Chloe: Okay. And I want to make sure to use my instincts, ‘Change the game to my advantage’. And so, at the moment, there was this article that came out as a big disadvantage. I want to change it and pull through and be like, “Hey, I am just as confused as you guys, but we’re going to be on the same page.”

Oren (GM): Okay. So you’re getting ahead of it, not trying to deny it and just being like, “This is what’s happening, guys. We have to work together.” Okay. That’s an appropriate use of an instinct, I will give you a bonus die.

Chloe: Awesome.

Oren (GM): You’re looking for an obstacle three.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Of course she admits it, now that I have revealed it to everybody.

Chloe: As we walked out. All right, so I’m going to be rolling six dice and looking for three successes [shakes dice] just to, you know, pull through to the crew and to make sure that we’re not opposed. [rolls dice] Um, that’ll do it, I got three successes.

Oren (GM): Okay. So there’s a couple– So what do you say to the crew? You don’t have to give a whole speech, but just give me the highlights.

Chloe: Yeah, no worries.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: So as many of you know, this is definitely not the welcome that we expected as we dropped out of hyperspace. We found ourselves in the middle of a combat situation between a freighter and a patrol ship. We jumped on and, you know, we pulled some of the people from the freighter who were about to die onto our ship, found somebody who appeared to be their leader and myself and my first officer just spoke to them. [ooc:] And I’m going to tell them some of the highlights of what he said and then pull through: [as Pinok:] But, you know, I don’t know if this is true. I have no idea, but this is what I know and this is what I’ve heard.

Oren (GM): All right. So you end with an appeal to stay calm and you do not have a ship riot, which is good.

Mike: Hooray!

Rhys: Huzzah!

Oren (GM): It’s a strong benefit–

Mike: It’s good that we don’t have to follow up your speech check with a tactics check–

Oren (GM): Don’t have to immediately do crowd control.

Mike: Exactly.

Chloe: I am going to make a note to him afterwards and be like, “We still need to try to find the source.”

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: It is my top priority, Captain.

Oren (GM): So the ship’s brain speaks up: “Captain, it occurs to me that if you wish to have proof, I may have a solution.”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Oh?

Oren as ship’s brain: That orbital that the navigation officer detected seems to be a comm hub for the Dara System. It is possible– It seemed to be a civilian port. There were freighters docking with and departing from it. Perhaps we could insert a team onto that orbital, find a comm relay and see some of the messages that these Imperials are passing back and forth and see how much truth there is to it. At the very least that will help the crew stay calm.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: That sounds very reasonable. I’d like to proceed with that.

Oren as ship’s brain: Very well.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: I’ll put together a team, Captain.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Thank you.

Oren (GM): And in this instance, I imagine you’re going to use the shuttle because the ship’s engines are in such bad shape and the assault shuttles do have a hyperspace module as I recall.

Chloe: Yep. And we don’t know who saw our ship…

Oren (GM): Although, actually it occurs to you: You might want to use the Doubleblind because the assault shuttles are clearly military ships, but like are old timey, so that might give you away, but the Doubleblind is a weird civilian ship.

Chloe: Okay.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: With your permission, Gron, I would like the closest opportunity to dock so that I can look for materials to repair the engines.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Yes. Come with our team then, in that way we can see if there’s any supplies that we can gather.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Excellent, thank you. [aside:] And perhaps also can look at that communications hub.

Oren: Aah…

Mike: What’s that?

Oren (GM): Yeah. Like, you’re figuring that you’re probably going to have to be the one to bypass the security systems on the hub. And maybe having the engineer there as an assistant would be helpful. You know, she knows her way around a computer, but she’s no expert slicer.

Mike: Yeah, I figure I’ll just take a droid, an astromech, and plug it in and it will do its best and we’ll see if we get any results.

Oren (GM): All right, so you two are going. So, uh, Grant? I cannot remember your character’s name.

Mike: [chuckles] Gron.

Oren (GM): Gron and Toni are going on the mission. Wonbi and the captain are staying on the ship, yes?

Rhys: Mhm.

Chloe: Gron or Kolit?

Mike: Uh, depends how formal you’re being.

Chloe: Oh, okay. It’s his last name.

Mike: Yeah. So if you’re being formal: Colonel Gron; if you’re being informal: Kolit.

Chloe: Okay.

Oren (GM): All right. So you guys load into the Doubleblind science ship and jump off into hyperspace. [sound effect: Hyperspace whoosh] Meanwhile back on the ship, before the plot advances I just wanted to check, see if the captain or the doctor have anything they want to be doing.

Chloe: Yeah. So at this point I want to go to some of the other people who were on the freighter and I’d like to speak with them, get their general ideas about what happened and kind of subtly double check Sal’s story. Subtly at first, but once I get some basic information, you know, really try and hit some of the harder points. See if it’s true.

Oren (GM): Sure, totally. And Wonbi, did you have anything you wanted to be doing?

Rhys: Just honestly corroborating what I heard over the comm.

Oren (GM): Okay. You talk to a number of the people you rescued and they more or less confirm what Sal told you. They are farmers, or at least they were farmers, and the Grand Moff Romes was redistributing their land on Dara IV and giving it to people who were politically advantageous for him. And they protested and they were talking with Sal, he was going to write a story that was going to blow the whole thing wide open. And then they started getting harassed by imperial police and they were afraid for their lives and tried to run in this makeshift freighter that they cobbled together and it just did not work very well.

And at that point as you’re talking to them, the ship’s navigation officer, Lieutenant Li, his full name is Huan Li, but that sounds way too much like Wonbi, so I’m just going to call him Li. Lieutenant Li comes in, “Uh, Doc,” he says to the droid, “Uh, can we talk for just a second?”

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi: Yes. Just one moment. Let me finish this procedure here and apply… [sound effect: beepy droid working sounds] Alright. We may speak now.

Oren (GM): He’s (cautiously): “Is there any way we can like scan the captain to see if she’s been like, being controlled or something?”

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi: Being controlled? You mean, aside from by her normal whimsical?

Oren as navigator Li: Well…

Mike: You’re whimsical!

Chloe: Yeah, true. [laughs]

Oren: That is certainly how I would describe Captain Pinok.

Oren as navigator Li: Well, yeah, I mean, she seems like she’s believing all this, like this nonsense that this guy we just met is telling us about like an empire? I mean, that’s, that’s impossible. The Senate would never let that happen?!

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi: Well, what the Senate would let happen and what they could essentially have forced on them are two very different things. And we’re not just getting it from one man, we’re getting it from all of these other victims, as it seems.

Oren as navigator Li: I mean, but couldn’t this be some kind of Separatist plot? I mean, maybe the war has just gone on longer than we thought.

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi: It could be, but what is likely is sounding more and more like what we have been told.

Oren (GM): Ugly truth!

Rhys: Ugly truth it is and I am going to fork grim realist.

Oren (GM): Yeah! You can also use research.

Rhys: I will also use research, then.

Oren (GM): You’re looking for obstacle two and you have four dice.

Rhys: I now have four. Let’s hope we get this… [rolls dice] Aaand we’re good! Two.

Oren (GM): All right. He kind of shakes his head, is like, “Yeah, I guess. I guess you’re right. I should probably get back to the bridge.”

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi: Remember: In trying times have faith in your leadership. [ooc:] Wonbi attempts to comfort.

Oren as navigator Li: Right. Our leadership. Isn’t our leadership an evil emperor now? I don’t…

Oren (GM): And he kind of wanders away trying to–

Chloe: I am your leader!

Oren (GM): …contemplating all of this.

Meanwhile, you guys, Kolit and Toni, come out of hyperspace on your science vessel with a few marines and you see this orbital, which is this big old ring shaped space station. It doesn’t go around the planet by any means, but it is a pretty big space station. Not big enough that you would mistake it for a moon, but, you know…

Mike: Large enough for several freighters to dock.

Oren (GM): Yeah. And it seems to be an open port. There are a number of freighters going in and out. You are informed when you request docking clearance that no weapons are allowed on the station, but when you go into the docking bay it seems like that is mostly being enforced by visual checks by the security officers. There don’t seem to be weapons scanners.

Mike: Okay. Well, Kolit and his marines are in civilian dress and so they don’t have their rifles or their heavy weapons with them. But we all have blaster pistols, so we’re gonna try to hide them under like large, heavy jackets and hopefully people won’t notice that we are carrying holstered blasters.

Oren (GM): Right.

Chris: So Toni has a disassembled rifle and a remote slicer in addition to Toni’s regular purple console, which is normally disguised as a holo pet.

Chris: Toni is dressed as a civilian sort of mechanic, so with a large tool belt and backpack that makes explaining rifle parts pretty easy. Toni’s also wearing a hat that sort of partially conceals her face.

Oren (GM): It’s also like the rifle– Even when assembled the rifle would look kind of weird, the parts are designed to be obfuscated, they don’t really look like gun parts. All right. So you don’t have to make a check, Toni. Mike, from you, I am going to need a, you are making a will test cause you’re just trying to look nonchalant.

Mike: Okay.

Oren (GM): You are looking for obstacle three.

Mike: Hey, I’ve four will. I’m going to tap my oddly likable trait.

Oren (GM): All right.

Mike: Cause there’s just something about me that people think I’m a nice, easy going Mon Cal.

Oren (GM): And you can get a bonus die from Chris having guard wise.

Chris: Yes, I will assist!

Mike: Okay. Guard wise assist.

Oren (GM): Know all about guards.

Mike: And if possible also tap, uh, or fork soldiering because I’m just very comfortable carrying around a weapon.

Oren (GM): …And with military personnel in general. So yeah, go for it.

Mike: Okay. [shakes dice]

Chris: How many dice is that? That looks like a lot.

Mike: Yes, that is… seven dice. [shakes dice]

Oren (GM): And obstacle three

Mike: Seven dice for ob three. [rolls dice] Two… three!

Oren (GM): Boom.

Mike: I got it.

Oren (GM): Okay. So, yeah, you strike up a conversation with the guard and they wave you through and it’s like, “Yeah, it’s cool, you know, we don’t see a lot of Mon Cal coming through here. Not since…” And then he gets kind of quiet.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Since… what?

Oren as guard: Well, I mean, you know. Not since… not since the fleet had to move into–

Oren (GM): Out of character, is the planet called Mon Cal?

Mike: I think so. Mon Calmari, possibly.

Oren as guard: Not since the fleet had to move into your planet. You know, I mean, I don’t– But that’s all political. I don’t know a whole lot about it.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Right… Well, carry on.

Oren (GM): As you’re like, what is he talking about? [laughs]

Mike: What is going on? [laughs] Because I’m thinking of priorities for information download.

Chris: I make a note in my purple holo pet.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Tanny, you want another carrot? You played two hours with your last one. Sorry, Colonel! [ooc:] I put away the purple console.

Oren (GM): Totally innocent little holo pet.

Mike: Yeah. The Colonel, his big Mon Cal eyes just kind of blinked at Toni for a second there [laughs.] What is going on?

Oren (GM): Okay. So you guys go out onto the promenade of the orbital and it’s a fairly bustling port. There are traders and spacers going around and then people who actually seem to live on the orbital who look like they’re a lot of technicians and machinists, stuff like that. You notice that there seems to be some kind of unofficial tension between the humans and the non-humans, like, there’s no signs that say “human only”, but the humans and non-humans do seem to sort of segregate themselves into separate areas.

So you guys are trying to find where the Imperials have their transceiver station. You guys do some exploration. Not going to make you roll to find it, cause you do find it eventually. It’s in like, there’s a section of the station near where you docked which is kind of cordoned off. And there are a number of imperial troop officers who look kind of bored. Cause they’re here garding a comm station and they look like they’re kind of– You hear some of them, like you get close enough to hear some of them chatting and they’re like:

Oren as guard 1: Yeah, you’re gonna hit the casino when you’re off work?

Oren as guard 2: Yeah, man, I’ve been here for three hours. I just want– there’s like a dancing hall, like right across the way, we could just walk over there–

Oren as guard 1: No, we cannot walk over there, we have a thing to guard.

Mike: Are we all still together or did Toni peel off since she’s looking for spare parts?

Oren (GM): Oh yeah, that’s a good point.

Chris: Toni would try to use an opportunity that she could to peel off so she can sort of do things sneakily on her own. She would want to end up in the same place though. So if you– if Gron was heading straight there, she might…

Mike: Yeah, well, I imagine that we would have split off cause we have two separate objectives and noticing that the station seems to be self-segregating, the one human trooper in my group I send off with Toni, just so we didn’t, uh…

Oren (GM): Arouse too much suspicion?

Mike: Yeah. We didn’t– We wouldn’t look too out of place.

Chris: Toni is a little annoyed by this, but she figures she can find a way to ditch him.

Oren (GM): Okay. So what is Toni going to be doing?

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: I mean, you’re probably going to need an extra pair of hands to carry all those supplies, right?

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Of course, thank you.

Oren: That is exactly what I need.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: That is exactly what I need.

Oren (GM): So, I know what Kolit is doing. What is Toni doing?

Chris: Okay. So Toni does actually need supplies. But Toni also needs a convenient excuse to ditch the extra marine, so let’s go look for someplace where there’s bartering happening. Cause Toni needs supplies on the cheap. Brought a few things that might be able to trade. But basically she’s going to bring the marine over and say, “Okay, I’ve got to go barter for this, you barter for that.” And then leave them with stuff. And then just sort of like sneak off.

Oren (GM): Alright.

Chris: And he’ll be left bartering for a bunch of supplies that she put up to him, while she’s supposedly bartering for other supplies elsewhere.

Oren (GM): Okay. Give me an infiltration roll, obstacle two. It’s not super high because he’s trying to look after you, he’s not assuming that you’re going to sneak away. So he’s on the lookout for exterior threats.

Chris: Can I tap guard wise?

Oren (GM): Totally. He is a guard.

Chris: [shakes dice] Okay. And I’m rolling six die. Six dice! I don’t know why I have…

Oren (GM): S’alright!

Chris: … Plurality issues.

Mike: 6D6!

Chris: Okay, I got four successes.

Oren (GM): All right. Sneaky, sneaky!

Mike: You lose him twice!

Oren (GM): So what is your objective now that you have ditched the marine who was with you?

Chris: Okay, I need to infiltrate the communications array.

Oren (GM): Oh, so you’re going to do it separately?

Chris: Yeah.

Oren (GM): Okay. Well, we’ll cut back to you.

Chris: But I will have– One of my instincts is always have an explanation, so if I run into Gron, I have an explanation ready.

Oren (GM): Okay, well, I’m going to assume that since you kind of know where he’s coming from that you can avoid his direct view. So you’re going to try to get in there separately to do your own thing.

So you get a comm from one of your marines. I’m going to say his name is, uh, Barnes.

Mike: Okay.

Oren (GM): He’s like, “Err, Colonel? Oh, wait, we’re undercover. Uh, Kolit, I lost our friend. We got separated in the crowd. I’m not sure where she went.”

Mike: What’s Toni’s last name? I’m sorry.

Chris: Cledias.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: You mean Cledias? Where–

Oren as Private Barnes: I don’t know, Sir. I was bartering and then I didn’t– And then I lost track of her.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: [exasperated sigh] Well, find her and make sure that you provide any assistance that she needs, alright?

Oren as Private Barnes: Yes, sir.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: And meet us back at the ship.

Oren as Private Barnes: Understood.

Oren (GM): All right. So you find the area where the transceiver is, which is this little cordoned off area of the ship, like I think I described earlier. And Toni you’re coming at it from the other direction. So what do each of you do? Mike, you first.

Mike: And it’s under guard. Okay, uhm…

Oren (GM): Yes. Not, like, heavy guard, but there are some guards there.

Mike: Let’s see. But they probably won’t just let an astromech, like, roll right up and plug in.

Oren (GM): Nah! Nuh-uh!

Mike: [chuckles, then becomes ernest:] All right. What do we do? Um, I’m going to stake it out for a little while. If there’s any place nearby that is like, it would be okay for civilians to just be loitering around. It’s right next to the promenade, right?

Oren (GM): Yeah, there’s a coffee shop, that’s within distant view of it.

Mike: Okay, well, Kolit is not one to attempt something before he knows all the variables. So, me and my men are going to stake it out for a little while to see if the guards happen to wander off and get the lay of the land. And if they don’t wander off, figure out a way to distract them or pull them away long enough to get the droid there.

Oren (GM): Okay, give me a perception roll, looking for obstacle three. Unless you have the observation skill?

Mike: I don’t believe I do.

Oren (GM): Alright, give me perception.

Mike: Perception. [shakes dice] That’s five. And with beliefs, do I get a benefit for acting on my belief, or…?

Oren (GM): No, the belief you will get a benefit for at the end of the session.

Mike: At the end! Okay. [shakes dice] So rolling five. [rolls dice, distressed noise] All ones!

Oren (GM): All ones? Okay.

Other players (lamenting): Aw… Ooh…

Oren (GM): Okay.

Mike: My dice do not like me today.

Oren (GM): I will get to what you see in a minute. But first, Toni, what is your plan as you come across from the other direction? You see him because, you know, you see Colonel Kolit because you know to look for him. He and his men are not super obvious, but they are at like a café within eyesight of– It’s sort of like an imperial bureau office that has the transceiver inside.

Mike: We actually aren’t able to grab a table with a clear line of sight to the transceiver and the imperial guards.

Oren as one of the marines (whiny kid voice): But Colonel, I wanted a booth!

Chris: I’m going to look for some back paths, specifically maintenance ducts work. That I can use, where it’s less frequented, that I can use to get there without being seen by too many people.

Oren (GM): Okay. This is actually going to be another infiltration test. I will allow you to fork engineering…

Chris: Excellent!

Oren (GM): …as you are in an engineered environment.

Chris: I can see much use in engineering in the future!

Oren (GM): However, this is a very– It’s going to be difficult because there are security systems. You are looking at obstacle four.

Chris: Okay. Then is there a security system?

Mike: You have security rigging, right?

Chris: Can I also fork affinity for locks?

Oren (GM): Yes. The security rigging will only be useful once she’s actually inside.

Mike: Okay.

Oren (GM): Cause she has to defeat the physical security to get inside.

Chris: Okay. So I’m rolling seven dice. [shakes dice, rolls] And I got four.

Oren (GM): Ooh, look at that! Look at that. Okay, so you manage to get inside and as the clerk–he’s not really a guard, he’s like a clerk who’s working there–decides to go on a lunch break. So you have this really nice computer display system that has lots of messages coming in that the clerk routes somewhere else. And he’s left a droid in charge and the droid is clearly not super intelligent, like is very fixated on one task and doesn’t really notice you. You want to try to break into the system?

Chris: Yeah, I’d like to install my remote slicer, that’s basically what it’s for.

Oren (GM): Yeah, totally.

Chris: Should I use engineering for that?

Oren (GM): No, you can install it without a roll. The question will just be, if you can– Basically it will allow you to hack it from outside. So if you fail, the consequences of failure will not be, you get stunned by a bunch of guards as they burst in.

Mike: Or worse.

Oren (GM): So give me a security rigging roll, looking at obstacle three. As you sneak, you put the remote slicer under the console and sneak back out.

Chris: Okay. Let’s see. See if there’s anything I can… That’s not a ship. All right, I’ll just go with the security rigging.

Oren (GM): Okay.

Chris: [shakes dice, rolls] Four passes.

Oren (GM): Okay. [sound effect: computer zappy sounds] So you have the information, you don’t have time to look at it right now, but you’ve downloaded it.

Chris: Right. The remote slicer should allow me to continue getting information? Is that…?

Oren (GM): Um, it’s a backdoor. It has a limited range and they might notice it eventually, but basically you’ve installed a backdoor on this computer system.

Chris: Excellent. So basically if we come back in this area again, I can…

Oren (GM): Yeah, you could totally visit. Are you going to try to rejoin the Colonel and the others?

Chris: Yeah. I’m going to slip out as quickly as possible, cause that is actually one of my instincts.

Oren (GM): Yeah, totally.

Chris: So yeah, I’m going to slip out and try to find the marine that I left with the bargaining and see if I can–

Oren (GM): Private Barnes?

Chris: Yeah. I’m gonna see if I can find Private Barnes and I’d be like, “Oh gosh, it took so long to haggle this person down.”

Oren as Private Barnes: Oh, [relieved sigh] thank the force! I thought the Colonel was going to skin me alive! We better hurry to meet up with him.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Wait, wait, wait. What did you get? I need the right parts.

Oren as Private Barnes: Uh, well, I got a catalyzer and a compression coil and a hydro spanner. I thought you might need one of those.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Err, not the right version, but I’ll make do.

Mike: Most likely they don’t sell your version anymore.

Oren (GM): So Mike, you are starting to figure that they actually have a pretty good guard rotation system going on here. They don’t have any periods where there’s no one standing in front and even though the guards are bored, they don’t wander off. They seem to be fairly well disciplined. You’re starting to think that the only way in there will be an assault, which you would win because you’d have the element of surprise, but then there will be alarms.

Mike: Yeah. Hmm…

Oren (GM): And you’re starting to overhear some people talking about like a weird ship that docked and it looks kind of funny.

Mike: And that would be ours.

Oren (GM): Yeah, and you’re starting to think that maybe there’s a time crunch here. When Private Barnes with the engineer comes back out and he looks very relieved. He’s like, “Colonel, I’m sorry–“ uh, no, he does not say Colonel, he’s better trained than that.

Mike: [laughs] He only slips up once! Cause he knows that his Colonel has discipline-wise!

Oren as Private Barnes: Kolit, I found our friend, we just got separated in the crowd.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Great. Did you find the parts you needed?

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Eh, enough to do, you know.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: All right.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Are we ready to go?

Mike: Kolit is considering. Uhm, I’m considering trying to lure them away with some sort of distraction, but not– Like without actually starting a brawl in the station. Um, and they’re probably too disciplined to…

Oren (GM): Yeah, you would need a pretty significant distraction.

Mike: Yeah. And he’s not gonna risk– One of his instincts is never leave a trooper behind, so he’s not going to put one of his men at risk of actually starting a major ruckus on the station.

Oren (GM): Right. And just to be clear to anyone listening: Chris, Toni’s character– Chris’s character, Toni, already has the information, but she’s not telling Mike’s character about it.

Chris: Oh, he’ll find out in the next Revealer!

Mike: Which may just give Kolit a hint as to who the Revealer might possibly be. Let’s see, there were only four people aboard the station with me…

Oren: It’s clearly Private Barnes!

Mike: Clearly Private Barnes, he slipped away!

Chris: I’m assuming I have some method of concealing that, but yes [laughs]. I’m saying, the information might get back to you in some sort of public way…

Mike: Yeah. And Kolit definitely doesn’t want to make an assault on them, because he still does not have enough information to feel comfortable opening fire on anyone, at this point. He’s still uncomfortable with the fact that they fired on that patrol vessel, so…

Oren (GM): Remember, your weapons do have a stun setting.

Mike: Yeah, but. Still…

Oren (GM): Yeah.

Mike: Yeah, no. I think the colonel is going to call it quits.

Oren (GM): You’re going to withdraw?

Mike: Yeah.

Oren (GM): Alright.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Yes, lets– If you’ve got the supplies, lets head back to the Doubleblind.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Maybe I can get those engines back online.

Oren (GM): Okay. So you guys head back to your ship and are able to leave before anyone really looks into where that ship came from.

Quick cut back to those of you who are on the ship. Wonbi, the ship’s brain activates a speaker near you.

Oren as ship’s brain: Wonbi, may I have your assistance?

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi: Of course, Cari.

Oren as ship’s brain: I’m detecting some sort of fissure in the outer hull in one of the sections that is unpopulated. It is causing certain structural integrity issues. And with the chief engineer off the ship I need it addressed as soon as possible.

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi: Of course.

Rhys: How long does it take for me to swap?

Oren (GM): I’m thinking it doesn’t take very long, but you have to be in proximity.

Rhys: Okay. So I’m going to go to my little station of bodies and hop into my repair body.

Oren (GM): Which I’m imagining is sort of a souped-up astromech. For reference: Wonbi, being a droid, can transfer their consciousness into several different chassis, they have a repair chassis, a pilot chassis, and an assault chassis.

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi: I love being used outside my primary function.

Mike: Oh my!

Oren (GM): Hang on. Maybe we’ll rephrase that. “I love being useful outside my primary function”?

Mike: No, I think Wonbi meant what they said.

Rhys: No, I said…

Oren (GM): Okay, we’ll keep it that way. Alright. So you a pop up onto the outer hull of the ship and you’re trundling along, getting ready to do some welding work [sound effect: astromech whirring and beeping]

Back on the bridge, everyone is sort of sitting with like, the atmosphere is very tense as you’re all waiting for the Doubleblind to come back.

Chloe: Uh, yeah, I want to check in with some of the other higher ranking officers on the ship and ask them to kind of grassroots, talk to the other people and let them, you know, make sure to… I don’t know, try and get suspicion off of us and just say, you know, “We need to be united. Whatever is happening is not what we were expecting.” I don’t want the ship to go into different groups.

Oren (GM): Okay. So you have a couple of staff meetings and make it clear to everyone that you really need to be on the same page. Um, and so now you’re on–

Mike: Which is not a tabloid page. Looking at you, Toni!

Oren (GM): So you’re back on the bridge, just sort of scanning the information that’s available to you, hoping that maybe you’ll find something that will change the situation. You get a call from the chief of security, a Rodian by the name of Brook, who the Colonel was talking to earlier.

Chloe: Okay.

Oren as security chief Brook: Captain, just wanted to check in: A number of my security scanners were damaged in the battle. I don’t imagine this will be a huge problem until the chief engineer gets back, but keep an eye out. I don’t have the same sort of detection capabilities that I normally do.

Chloe: For outside of the ship?

Oren (GM): For inside of the ship.

Chloe: For inside, okay.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Roger that, thank you.

Chloe: The only people who I really don’t, I guess, know to trust on my ship are the people from the freighter. So, I’m going to actually personally go down there again. And also just as far as the ship goes, how long can we watch out for all of these unsuspected bodies?

Oren (GM): Say what now?

Chloe: Like, food wise.

Oren (GM): Oh, the ship’s actually pretty good on supplies. It has a very highly efficient recycling system as far as human supplies go, you know, biological stuff. You guys have at least another few years worth of food left.

Chloe: Oh, great!

Oren (GM): As long as you don’t take any more damage. Some of that was probably lost in the battle. All right. So as you’re closing your–

Mike: We’re gonna count how many rations we lose every time we’re hit by a turbo-laser.

Oren (jokingly): Yes, obviously!

Oren as security chief Brook: Alright, I’ll assign some extra security personnel.

Chloe: Just my character also– I tend to like to hear people’s stories and hear things upfront. So I want to spend some time talking to the farmers that we pulled and hear their personal stories, like the torture, and probably get a fairly clear idea that they’re decent people. I’m imagining.

Oren (GM): Yeah. No, they are scared and they’re grateful now that they realize you’re not going to kill them. When they saw your uniforms boarding their ship, they thought you were there to drag them to an imperial prison. So they’re grateful that you rescued them and they are–

Chloe: Yeah. And I think it’s starting to hit my belief to stand by what’s right. That we should be protecting these people.

Oren (GM): So switching over to Wonbi. You’re trundling along and you’re following this break in the hull and you’re like, “Oh, that’s pretty nasty. I got to get to where it’s widest so I can start working on it.” And you tilt your scanner up and you see a pod wedged into the ship.

Rhys as droid Wonbi: Interesting…

Oren (GM): And then you see a hatch that appears to have been opened. And you realize that if there were something inside that pod that didn’t need to breathe or had a suit on or something, they could have gone from the pod, which looks to have cut its way into the hull, into the ship.

Rhys as droid Wonbi: [sound effect: alarmed beepy whistly sounds] Comm system. Captain?

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Wonbi?

Rhys as droid Wonbi: We may have an intruder.

Oren (GM): [mimics static] Static.

Chloe: Did I get any of that?

Oren (GM): You heard, “We may have an in–“ and then static.

Chloe: We may have an in… to something awesome!

Rhys: In…teresting story to tell!

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Wonbi?

Oren (GM): You hear from outside the door, cause there was a couple of security officers outside, you hear: “Did you see that? Is that Wonbi?” – “No, I don’t think–“ And then you hear blaster fire and shouts and screams from outside.

Chloe: Is there anything like the red alert button?

Oren (GM): Yeah, there’s battle stations, basically.

Chloe: Yeah, I set it, battle stations. People should be on–

Oren (GM): You slam the– We’ll just go ahead and call it red alert, I don’t know what they call it in Star Wars.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Red Alert!

Rhys: Battle stations.

Mike: Yeah. Alarm klaxons sound.

Oren (GM): And the door automatically locks. And you see the sparks starting to pour out of it as something on the other side applies a cutting laser. [sound effect: cutting laser buzzing and crackling!] There are two security officers, or marines, on the inside and they’re both looking at you really nervously, “Captain, what do we do?”

Chloe: So we’re locked in this area that’s being cut into from space?

Oren (GM): Not from space, but from the outside corridor.

Chloe: Oh, okay, okay!

Oren (GM): Cause the doors to sickbay automatically locked when they detected blaster fire and you sounded the alarm, and now something from the other side is cutting through.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Weapons at your ready!

Mike: A couple of the marines on the other side of the door are most likely dead.

Oren (GM): Yeah, probably.

Chloe: As soon as the door seems at a point– I want to actually try and take it from this side to have it collapse on top.

Oren (GM): Okay. So you are going to get in there and start mixing it up.

Chloe: Yeah!

Chris: So basically take it out towards the person.

Chloe: Yeah. I’m going to grab like a chair or something heavy and start using it as a ram. Just like bash into them as well.

Oren (GM): Okay. Well, you have your repulsor knuckles.

Chloe: Yeah! I use my repulsor knuckles! [chuckles]

Oren (GM): So what those are is, those are a piece of gear that essentially are like future brass knuckles. They store up energy and then release it. And it’s basically like having gun hands.

Oren (GM): You can’t actually shoot with it, it has a very– It has a range of like a couple inches but it makes your fists pack something of a punch. And so you have very little time.

Mike: And if you’re very good at balancing you can hover while doing a handstand.

Oren: Yep!

Chloe: Bam! I do that all the time!

Oren (GM): So you have very little time before the door starts to melt inward. And so you run forward and turn on your repulsor rings and just like punch it outwards. [sound effect: boom!] And it crushes one of the assassin droids that was cutting through on the other side. And there are three more that immediately start firing! [sound effect: A whole lot of blaster shots going pew pew pew!] Give me a close combat roll.

Chloe (excited): Yes, I will!

Oren (GM): The obstacle will not be quite as high because you actually have a weapon that can hurt droids. If you try to get into a fist fight with assassin droids, it would normally end really badly for you.

Chloe: All right.

Oren (GM): So you are looking at obstacle three. I will give you a bonus die from having marines that are trying to help.

Chloe: Okay, alrighty. So I’m going to be rolling seven dice. [shakes dice, rolls] And I got three successes.

Oren (GM): Okay. So their blaster bolts fly through the air and you not giving a toss ‘bout any of that just leap in and like punch the head off of one of them.

Oren (GM): And your knuckles make this like ‘whoomp’ sound and it embeds itself in the wall.

Chloe: I’m trying to catch the body and throw it at the next one.

Oren (GM): The marines behind you start firing and a lot of smoke starts filling the room and you turn just in time to see a fifth one that you didn’t see creeping up behind you and lining up a shot, when you hear a sound like a [mimics powering up sound] ‘Whooo’ and you see Wonbi’s assault form–

Chloe: Yeah!

Oren (GM): –Emerge out of the mist with its heavy blaster canon, and just start going [sound effect: blaster shots, pew pew pew!] and the droid explodes.

Chloe: Cool! I hit the deck. Whoa!

Rhys as droid Wonbi: Heads up captain.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Was that a joke, or…?

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi: Yes. It was an attempt at one. You just removed that droid’s head.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: I liked it [laughs]. Very much appreciated.

Mike: So does Wonbi have a comedian form?

Mike: Or are all forms Wonbi’s comedian form?

Rhys: All forms.

Oren: Wonbi is a droid of many talents.

Oren (GM): All right. So at this point the science vessel Doubleblind comes out of hyperspace and Chris, you’ve been scanning through… And you did not get enough supplies. They just didn’t have parts big enough for what you need. But you have been scanning through the communication logs and you think you might have found a potential target that–and I don’t know how you want to, or if you want to communicate this to the captain–but in the neighboring Seti system, there is a storage depot, which is actually a leftover from the Clone Wars. And it’s relatively lightly guarded because it’s embedded deep in the rock and no one’s supposed to know about it. It’s not visible from orbit unless you know where to look.

Rhys (laughing): Space rock wise!

Chris: So it’s like a secret hidden depot?

Oren (GM): Yeah.

Chloe: It’s like that island in Pirates of the Caribbean that you can only find if you’ve already been there.

Oren (GM): It’s not quite that secret!

Mike: But it’s a military installation that’s been abandoned on an asteroid for almost twenty years.

Oren (GM): Or, not abandoned. It does still have personnel, but there is a light– there aren’t a lot of them. It looks like it has a relatively small, a very small garrison. You get the feeling it’s like a shit job, it’s where you get sent if you piss somebody off.

Oren (GM): There is an imperial light cruiser that is patrolling that system. But you know that if you could land the assault shuttles there, you could pick up the parts you need to repair the ship and recharge the weapons.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Uh, Captain Pinok, I’m afraid I wasn’t able to get all the parts I needed. However, I met somebody useful that referred me someplace I think we could get the parts.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Oh?

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Yeah. So, um, this is kind of on the down-low and I’m afraid I had to pay money for it. But, so apparently there’s a supply depot that’s a sort of old military place that’s sort of hidden, mostly abandoned, only lightly patrolled. We might be able to go there and, uh, pick up some parts on the down-low.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: How far away is it?

Oren (GM): One system over.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Just a system over.

Chloe: Can our shuttles go there?

Oren (GM): They could, but you don’t think you want to send them alone because there is a light cruiser patrolling that system.

Chloe: Right, right.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: If their information is still current, there’s just one light cruiser in the system, so we’d have to get past the cruiser, but other than that…

Chloe as Captain Pinok: All right. Well, let’s bring the ship over to fairly close and then if it looks all right send the shuttles in.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Cool. I’ll give directions to the pilot.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Okay.

Oren (GM): Okay. So, describe for me your plan, because what you’ve got is, you’ve got an asteroid moon and the inside has sort of been hollowed out and turned into a supply depot. It was an important one during the Clone Wars, it was like used for a lot of stuff, but it’s been drifting further and further away– like drifting further and further into obscurity. So it has a light garrison and there is a strike cruiser that will almost certainly notice any attack on it, even if they don’t know why you’re attacking it. So, and you have two assault shuttles and a damaged Dreadnought. What’s the plan?

Mike: Um, so you said the crew’s about 2000. What’s the marine complement?

Oren (GM): I’m guessing the marines are about 150.

Mike: Okay.

Oren (GM): That’s my guess. The rest– And the crew, everyone on board knows how to shoot a blaster, but they aren’t specialized for it.

Mike: Right, mhm.

Chloe: We want to go over or go… Hm. Is there anywhere near that we could get our ship without being noticed so we could scan the one light freighter or whatnot?

Oren (GM): Oh, the cruiser?

Chloe: Yeah.

Oren (GM): I mean, you could send in a shuttle as a scout and probably get a decent scan, but actually attacking the depot will definitely raise the alarm. There’s no way to do that quietly. But you could send a shuttle ahead to check and make sure that things are the way– that the information is current.

Chloe: Yeah, yeah. And I want to send my first officer again, and Toni to get the parts.

Chris: Okay.

Oren (GM): To save time, since I don’t think– There’s not really a chance of you failing this since you’re just popping out of hyperspace, taking a scan and popping back in. You confirm the information. There is an imperial light cruiser patrolling the system. It looks like a new model, you’re not familiar with it, because you guys have been gone for a while. But it looks like it’s pretty fast, it could definitely get over and engage any ships that tried to attack the depot.

Mike: Okay.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: I don’t know, the information checks out, but I’m still wary. Not having any intel on it other than some source that is just some merchant.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Not really. I mean, kind of a merchant.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Who exactly told you this information?

Chris: Uh, so I’m gonna have to hand-wave a little bit here. Just, one of my instincts is Always have an explanation. [laughs]

Oren (GM): Okay.

Chris: But I’m gonna say it is a person who… A merchant in goods, but also sort of an underhanded dealer of information that I sort of managed to get in good graces with. And–

Oren (GM): You could say he is like a representative of one of the Hutt syndicates. Like a crime man of some kind.

Chris: Yeah.

Oren (GM): Okay. Do you actually, do you have the falsehood skill?

Chris: I probably should. [laughs] [laughter]

Oren (GM): Well, nobody– I don’t think anyone here has that skill. So I’m going to say, go ahead and–

Chloe: I do!

Oren (GM): Oh, do you? [laughs]

Chloe: I do.

Oren (GM): You’re great at lying.

Chloe: I lie and I sleight of hand. And I smuggle.

Mike: I have propaganda. [laughs]

Oren (GM): Alright, so, I’m going to make this a three-way roll. So, Chris, I want you to roll will, you’re going to get a bonus die for following your instinct. Mike, I would like you to also roll will.

Mike: Okay.

Oren (GM): And Captain, I want you to roll falsehoods.

Chloe: Okay.

Oren (GM): Your successes count double cause you actually have the skill.

Chloe: Cool.

Mike: Okay, I’m rolling four. [rolls dice]

Chris: I am also rolling four.

Chloe: Is it possible to fork interrogation? No, I guess…

Chris: [rolls dice] I did not get a pass, I am obviously lying! [laughs]

Chloe: Alright. Not one.

Mike: Kolit got two successes.

Chloe: I got two as well.

Oren (GM): So here’s how I’m going to roll this: I’m going to figure that you guys are fairly certain there’s something spooky about all this, but you don’t think that they’re lying about the information. Like, the information is true. And you’ve confirmed that with your scans, but how they got it is definitely really shady. But you feel like maybe confronting your chief engineer about that right now, when the ship is so badly damaged, is maybe not a great plan.

Mike: Yeah.

Chloe: Okay.

Oren (GM): Just cause I want to save that confrontation till later.

Mike: Right. Also, I have morale wise, I know now is not the time. I’ll have plenty of time to interrogate them later.

Mike: Um, well, let’s see. Kolit’s belief is, never start a battle unless victory is certain. And one of his instincts is to always have an exit strategy. So he is going to propose that if we do this, we do it fast. We get in close to the asteroid with the Dreadnought, launch the assault shuttles, which will probably carry, what, 50 or so people?

Oren (GM): Uhm, yeah, around there. They’re pretty big, they’re big ships.

Mike: Yeah. Basically all the marines if we can, or, all or most of the marines.

Oren (GM): Overwhelming firepower.

Rhys (sarcastic): Ah, yes, let’s put all of our firepower in one place where it could potentially all go wrong. This sounds brilliant.

Mike: Well, I want to be able to be as quick with it as possible. So, get Cartographer close to the asteroid so it can screen the shuttles from the cruiser and hopefully the light cruiser will be– It is small enough compared to us that it won’t even want to try engaging. They won’t know how terribly damaged we are.

Oren (GM): The ship brain speaks up: “I can handle a light cruiser.” It seems a little bit offended that you guys don’t think it can take the strike cruiser in a fight.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: I believe in you, Brain, I’ve seen you do some… Pretty sure you handled the assault at the imperial thing earlier. So, you’ve got this.

Oren (GM): Well…

Rhys: Flatter the ship!

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: We land the shuttles, grab as many parts as we can fit in them, get back aboard the Dreadnought and leave the system as quickly as possible before the light cruiser’s able to call for reinforcements.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: But they still have any technology or information of sorts, should we try and grab that too? So we can see if there’s any way to verify some of the facts.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Yes. Yeah. It should be easy to slice their database, download their database, while our men are loading up the transports with supplies and spare parts.

Oren (GM): Okay. So you have your plan, here’s what we need to do: First, Captain, I need you to make a strategy roll to plan the overall battle. You are looking at obstacle three. I’ll give you a bonus die for having a well thought out plan presented by your first officer.

Chloe: Awesome. Can I fork tactics?

Mike: Whohoo!

Oren (GM): Uh, no, you’re going need tactics in a minute.

Chloe: [shakes dice] Okay. One, two, three, four, that’ll do it.

Oren (GM): Okay. So you have your plan. Who is going on the assault mission?

Mike: Kolit will lead it.

Oren (GM): All right. I figured he probably would. Wonbi and the chief engineer are staying on the ship?

Rhys: Am I needed?

Mike: Uh…

Oren (GM): I mean, you do have your assault body, which is pretty heavy. It’s a big, bulky assault droid with an ion cannon and a heavy blaster.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: You still might need me to identify parts for the ship.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: We’re not going to have time to be choosy. We’re going to be just grabbing everything we can get our hands on and can fit in the shuttles.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Okay.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: You know what, I think we should all go!

Oren (GM): Err, Captain! [splutters]

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: What, Captain? I think you should stay on the ship!

Chloe as Captain Pinok: We have a very competent crew on board. I think they can handle it.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Alright, Captain.

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: Captain, are you sure? This is a very–

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Never been so sure in my life.

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi: Captain, I–

Mike as Colonel Kolit Gron: It’s a very unorthodox risk for the captain to lead a ground assault.

Oren (GM): Out of game: You probably want to have the captain on board to make a tactics roll to actually command the ship in battle.

Chloe: Okay.

Rhys as medical droid Wonbi: Captain, I really think you should stay here in order to order the crew of what to do.

Oren (GM): It occurs to you that with both, uh, Pinok, or, excuse me. Pinok? That’s…?

Chloe: Pinok, yeah.

Oren (GM): Yeah. With Pinok and the Colonel off the ship, Lieutenant Li would be in charge and he doesn’t seem like the battle commander type.

Chloe: True. I think I’m going to have to admit that it was my first officer instincts still popping up. Still getting used to being the captain.

Oren (GM): Yeah.

Chloe: I should be on the away team!

Mike: Yeah. The entire time we were out on our mission, you wanted to be on the away team, but the captain said no, because you’re a navy officer, you’re not a marine, and you’re now like, “I’m the captain now! So I can tell myself I’m allowed to go! Right?”

Chloe: I can do it!

Mike: No! Bad captain! Stay on the ship!

Oren (GM): And also, she probably went down as part of the diplomatic envoy a couple of times. And as the first officer was the one saying, “No, Captain, you can’t go on this mission, I have to go.”

Mike: But not a ground assault!

Oren (GM): Yeah, all right. So the ship powers up one of its two remaining jumps, enters lightspeed, is in lightspeed for a very, very tense few minutes, exits lightspeed in orbit, or over the asteroid depot. There’s a cut to outside the ship as the light cruiser changes course to intercept. On the bridge you are informed that the imperial strike cruiser Cyclone has ordered you to surrender or be fired upon, and they assume that you’re not going to surrender and begin firing immediately. [sound effect: laser fire, peow peow!]

Chloe: Okay.

Oren (GM): The assault shuttles leave the dock [sound effect: shuttle whoosh] as the Cartographer returns fire and the two cruisers get into like broadside to broadside and start exchanging blasts of turbo-laser fire. Captain, I need you to make a tactics roll.

Chloe: Alright.

Oren (GM): This is going to be difficult. You are looking– Cause you’re in a damaged ship against a brand new cruiser. Which is smaller than yours, but also armed with slightly more advanced technology.

Chloe: Okay.

Oren (GM): So you are looking at obstacle four.

Mike: And it is not broken.

Oren (GM): It is not broken.

Chloe: [laughs] Can I fork officer and seeing like the–

Oren (GM): You mean your trait?

Chloe: Call-on.

Oren (GM): Yes.

Chloe: Okay. That’s the only thing I can fork. [rolls dice] Oh, nope. Nope. Just one.

Oren (GM): Just one?

Chloe: Just one.

Chloe: Oh, and I rolled six dice.

Oren (GM): All right. So meanwhile, you guys fly down in the shuttles and blast open the big airlocks that lead into the depot itself and surprise a sleepy garrison that was expecting to have a bored assignment for the next couple months. Leader, I need you to make an obstacle three tactics roll, from Mr. Colonel. Wonbi are you assisting in your assault form?

Rhys: Yes. And I can assist with tactics?

Oren (GM): You can get a bonus die from Wonbi helping you with their own tactics. But Wonbi, I need you to make an assault weapons roll. As you are laying down cover fire. And then Toni, I need you to make me a, you were looking for– I need a munitions roll, obstacle two, to pick out the best stuff.

Rhys: And may I call on preserve crew’s life?

Oren (GM): Yes.

Chris: Can I fork engineering or fabrication?

Oren (GM): You can totally fork engineering.

Chris: All right, I’m rolling five dice. [shakes dice, rolls]

Rhys: I am also rolling five.

Chris: Three passes.

Rhys: [rolls dice] Two passes.

Oren (GM): All right. You were looking for three. If you would like to spend a point of fate, you can explode that six.

Rhys: Let’s do that!

Oren (GM): Boom!

Rhys: Boom!

Mike: Nice!

Oren (GM): It can keep exploding, but it doesn’t have to, you’ve already passed.

Chloe: Make a show of it!

Rhys: We’re good. Unless, you know, we would like fancy explosions.

Oren (GM): No, I think– There are plenty of those as you and the other marines come down the shuttle ramps with blasters firing and throwing grenades and just like [sound effect: blaster fire: peow peow!]

Mike: And probably confusing the Imperials a little bit, cause we’re wearing clone style armor.

Oren (GM): Yeah. They are not, they have no idea what’s going on. They at first think it’s a historical reenactment…

Mike: Okay, so in addition to Wonbi aiding me I’m also using the instinct always have an exit strategy, because we planned this out for a quick hit and run. So rolling my tactics I have eight. [shakes dice]

Oren (GM): Alright.

Mike and Chris (lamenting): Oooh…

Mike: And I have–

Chris: One pass.

Mike: –One success.

Oren (GM): One success.

Mike: How many did I need?

Oren (GM): You needed three.

Mike: Needed three… Well, that one is a six. I’m going to try to explode it so that we don’t all die.

Oren (GM): Okay.

Mike: [rolls die] No, that’s a three, so only one success.

Oren (GM): So here’s what happens. So everything is going great! Toni, you find, this is everything you need. Not only does it have all the right parts, but they’re the right version of those parts to fit your ship. And they’re all pre-packaged in crates because no one is using them.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias (thrilled): Ahhh! My dream come true!

Oren (GM): So you’re like ordering all the marines to load them all up. And Wonbi is providing excellent cover fire. And the Colonel is ordering flanks and laying down grenades and keeping everything at bay, when one of the imperial troopers stumbles out of their storage room with a, basically the Star Wars equivalent of a shoulder mounted rocket launcher. You, Colonel, you see him and like bring up your light repeater and knock him down, but not before he manages to fire and the rocket slams into one of your assault shuttles.

Mike: Oh no.

Oren (GM): And sends it tumbling across the deck and it is clearly out of commission. The good news is, you have won the battle and can retreat. The bad news is, one of your shuttles is out.

Chris: Agh!

Rhys: Is there any way we could get the Doubleblind over here?

Oren (GM): Well, in space –

Oren (GM): In space, the ship is, the Cartographer is taking a pounding. Your weapon systems are working, but the other ship is maneuverable and your shields are only at about half strength and alarms are going off and the captain is shouting orders. You get a report from the gunnery officer, she is shouting kind of franticly: “Captain we’re losing battery one! I can’t maintain our return fire!”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Pull it together!

Oren (GM): The ship brain pipes up: “Captain, I believe that if you adjust your course to the following parameters, we will be able to turn a section of the ship which has no vital components in it towards the enemy and buy us a few extra minutes.”

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Do it! Absolutely.

Oren as ship’s brain: Understood, Captain.

Oren (GM): The ship starts to turn. You get a call from down below, saying that they need another ship to help with the evac, because one of their shuttles is down.

Mike: Wait, wait! Are there any shuttles at the base that we can commandeer?

Oren (GM): Um, let’s see. They’ve got… Oh, yeah, that’s a good point. Yeah. There’s a–

Mike: Yeah! They probably have at least one lambda.

Oren (GM): There’s like a lambda class. It’s not really what you needed, but if someone were to make a quick engineering roll, you might be able to soup up its systems enough to pull those supplies and the people, even though you’d be packed in like sardines.

Chris: Let’s see what I can do with this. All right. Engineering. Um, what about fabrication? Can I fork that?

Oren (GM): No, you don’t have time to fabricate anything.

Mike: You’re not building a shuttle. [Chris laughs.] You’re stealing a shuttle.

Chris: Awww, I wanna build a shuttle! How about ship wise?

Oren (GM): Totally ship wise!

Mike: You can build a shuttle when we’re not under fire.

Chris: Ookay.

Oren (GM): Oh, and you know what else you found that was really neat, with your successful munitions check? You found a couple of ship mounted proton torpedo launchers.

Chris: Ooooh!

Oren (GM): They’re not currently mounted on a ship, but they are, you know–

Chris: But we could have some extra weapons!

Oren (GM): But you could install them on the Cartographer.

Chris: Excellent! All right. I am rolling six. [shakes dice, rolls] I have got three successes.

Oren (GM): Alright, that is just enough. As you guys pile as many people as you can onto the lambda class and like hurriedly cook up all the supplies and with the first assault shuttle and your stolen ship, you blast off out of the depot with explosions going off behind you. [sound effect: shuttle whoosh, blaster fire and explosions!]

As you get into space, you see the Cartographer, having turned at a very odd angle. And Chris, you recognize that the ship is turned so that the habited sections are away from enemy fire, but you recognize that’s where the Cartographer’s ship brain systems are located.

Rhys: Nooo!

Chris: Can we, do we have radio comm?

Oren (GM): Yeah, you can–

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Captain! Captain, turn the ship around right now! The ship’s brain is facing fire!

Oren as ship’s brain: I’m afraid, I cannot let you do that, Captain. I have a responsibility to protect the sentients within me.

Oren (GM): And its voice gets all like staticky.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Brain, don’t do this!

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: Brain, I can fix it! Just turn around, okay?

Oren as ship’s brain: I’m afraid there’s no time.

Oren (GM): As both the shuttles slam into the like, do the emergency landing into the cargo bay.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: Brain! Stay with me! You are part of this ship!

Oren as ship’s brain: Initiating emergency jump.

Oren (GM): And the ship makes its second of two jumps. Although now you can probably repair it with all those parts you got. [sound effect: hyperspace whoosh] And disappears into hyperspace.

Chloe: Did they get on?

Oren (GM): Yeah.

Mike: Emergency landing!

Chloe: Okay.

Oren (GM): All right. So Chris, you’re back on board, what do you do?

Chris: Uh, throw up? [laughs] [laughter]

Chris: Guess lets unload and get this repaired as quick as possible– We jumped, where did we jump to?

Oren (GM): You have like, just a bunch of empty space. You’re somewhere far away where their sensors couldn’t detect you.

Chloe: Is it possible to have tried to make that jump pre-programmed to a planet twenty years ago that we knew of? Or nearby a planet?

Oren (GM): Yeah. Like an uninhabited planet. Yeah, sure.

Chloe: Yeah, okay.

Chris: Is it possible to repair the brain or do I have a backup or anything?

Oren (GM): Well, you can try.

Chris: Okay, I would like to try to recover brain.

Rhys (darkly): Before it is too late.

Oren (GM): Alright. Give me a repair roll. Wonbi, if you want to switch into your repair body, you can give a helping die.

Rhys: I am body jumping into repairs as we are going to be doing massive repairs on the ship in general.

Chris: And I’m also gonna fork I know the ship like the back of my hand.

Oren (GM): Totally.

Chris: Can I also fork damage wise?

Oren (GM): Yes. This brain is very damaged.

Chloe (worried): Braain!

Oren (GM): You are looking at obstacle four however.

Chris: How ‘bout ship wise?

Oren (GM): You just used ship wise. This is actually the computer brain specifically.

Chris: Alright. I am rolling eight dice.

Oren (GM): All right.

Chris: [shakes dice, rolls] Oonly three successes.

Oren (GM): Well, one of them is a six.

Chris: Oh. I can… All right, I’m going to try re-rolling that six. With fate.

Oren (GM): We’ll see how it goes.

Chris: [rolls die] Yes! Another pass!

Chloe: Yes! Yes!

Chloe (cheering): Brain!

Mike: You have better luck with the dice than I do. [chuckles]

Oren (GM): So there’s a very tense few moments as you try to download its very badly damaged program into a secondary storage unit. There’s kind of one of those tense– Hm?

Mike: We can have a brain in a box!

Oren (GM): There’s kind of one of those tense moments as you stare at the screen for signs of activity. And then it kind of blinks, you know, how when EDI was talking in Mass Effect? There’s a little thing that just like flashes along with the voice.

Chloe: Yeah.

Oren (GM): Kind of blinks once.

Oren as ship’s brain: I seem to be in a very small container.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: That’s all that was left after what you did! Don’t you dare do that again.

Oren as ship’s brain: I will attempt not to.

Oren (GM): And at that point, we can sort of zoom out to the crew carrying out repairs as you orbit a distant planet, far away from the Imperials.

Chloe: Oh, was anyone injured?

Oren (GM): Yeah. There is a shot over to sickbay. Speaking of– Oh, actually, Wonbi, give me a surgery roll, looking at obstacle two.

Rhys: Alright.

Mike: Yeah, we took some casualties.

Oren (GM): Just a matter of how many.

Rhys: Surgery… And I am going to fork organic biology and also preserve crew’s life?

Oren (GM): All right, go for it.

Rhys: Alright and I am rolling… let’s see here…

Oren (GM): Although, I think, didn’t you already use preserve–

Rhys: Oh wait, yeah.

Oren (GM): Yeah, you already used preserve–

Rhys: I already did that. Um, so that’s six. [shakes dice, rolls] Two… three successes.

Oren (GM): Okay. So you had about a dozen fatalities, but it would have been much, much worse if you had not been there and were able to operate on the wounded. And fortunately, a lot of the fire did go to an uninhabited section of the ship.

Chloe: Were the casualties primarily our main crew or the freighter crew?

Oren (GM): Mainly your guys. Because the freighter, the farmers and the refugees–or the refugees, I guess is really who they are–the refugees were in sickbay, which is pretty safe.

Chloe: Okay.

Oren (GM): You are talking about like gunners and marines who were on the assault. Fortunately, because you have such an advanced medical droid, those who were wounded will probably make full recoveries. Alright.

Mike: Just dump them in the bacta tank for a week and then they’ll be good to go.

Oren (GM): So there’s a little bit of a montage of the ship being repaired and the new parts and ammunition being installed. Then I’m imagining there’d be a new Revealist article.

Chris: [laughs] Yes, there’s a new Revealist article talking about the notorious new emperor and his evil plot. As, as spoken by the new visiting crew, of course.

Oren (GM): Mhm.

Oren (GM): And so the session ends with the captain sort of looking over a lot of these communication reports and seeing words like ‘forced relocation’ and ‘land redistribution’, and ‘collateral damage’ and things like that.

And at that point, we will end the session. From an out of game perspectiv, for next week– or not next week, excuse me, for next month, you guys have two options on where to go. Sal tells you about two areas that could really use your help. A couple systems over, there is a planet that is under an imperial blockade as a collective punishment for a labor dispute. And there is currently a virus running loose that they cannot get the medical supplies for. And the Imperials are kind of just hoping that they’ll eventually give in and stop striking if they get sick enough. And then another place you could go would be a, there is a rebel cell on another planet, which is in trouble and needs extraction, and has information that is of high importance to imperial fleet movements in the sector.

Chloe as Captain Pinok: I advocate for the rebel cell. They’re the people who are standing against the empire and they’re the only chance we have to really come through.

Chris as engineer Toni Cledias: I think that’s very admirable, Captain.

Oren (GM): Alright, so is that the mission you guys want to do next week?

Mike: I think it is.

Chloe: Yeah.

Oren (GM): Okay. Cause at the end of each session, I will give you guys at least one– or at least two choices of where you want to go next.

Mike: At least one choice!

Oren (GM): At least one!

Rhys: At least one!

Chloe: Choose your own adventure game!

Oren (GM): Okay. We do have one more thing we have to do, which is assign artha. So hang on, let me get to that section in the book real quick.

Mike: What is artha?

Oren (GM): Artha is persona and fate. Those are the things that you’re spending.

Chris: Oh that’s like terminology for both of them?

Chloe: So, are you doing that, you get artha, where you make people laugh?

Oren (GM): Only with in-character humor.

Chloe: Okay. In that case, I advocate for Wonbi–

Mike: Wonbi!

Chloe: –doing the organic joke–

Oren (GM): Yes.

Chloe: –to Li. [laughs]

Oren (GM): Okay. So first we earn fates. There are a couple of ways that you can earn fate. You can earn fate with your beliefs, for manifesting the character’s belief in a convincing and entertaining manner. Entertaining doesn’t always mean funny, we all enjoy a good dramatic performance now and again.

I definitely think that the captain was standing by her beliefs very strongly. I’ll give you a fate artha for that.

Mike, what are your beliefs? Cause I know you were very active this game, I don’t know if you had a chance to follow your beliefs.

Mike: Never start a battle unless victory is certain. And: The Revealist has become a threat to discipline.

Oren (GM): Yeah. You were definitely following that one.

Mike: Yep!

Oren (GM): I’ll give you a bonus on that.

Chris: I’ll say his choice not to actually go and try to get to the communications array was also sort of following a belief about don’t get yourself into trouble if you can’t get out again.

Oren (GM): Yeah.

Chloe: And we were pretty sure that we were going to win that last battle, too.

Oren (GM): Okay. And what are your beliefs, Chris?

Chris: My beliefs are: Everybody has a secret, if you notice nothing suspicious, dig deeper.

Oren (GM): Okay, didn’t really have a chance for that one.

Chris: Nope. And I didn’t also have– The other one was: Stay on Wonbi’s good side. I didn’t really have much interaction with Wonbi, so…

Oren (GM): Well, we know what to aim for next session, then. And Wonbi?

Rhys: Orders must be followed, but organics often leave room for interpretation. Which…

Oren (GM): Yeah, you didn’t really get a lot of orders in this session. You were kind of left to your own devices.

Rhys: And then: Pinok can sometimes err on the side of danger, I must always present a different perspective.

Oren (GM): “Captain, don’t go on the away mission!”

Rhys (exasperated): Don’t do the thing!

Chloe: But I’m pretty sure that that’d be a good plan.

Rhys: No, Captain!

Mike: No, that’s a terrible plan.

Oren (GM): Okay.

Mike: All of your senior staff thinks that you have terrible ideas.

Chloe: [laughs] I’ve seen the original series, okay. Pretty sure…

Mike: You should stay on the bridge.

Oren (GM): Alright. And we also agreed that you get an artha point for being funny in character. Okay, and then– Hm?

Chloe: And the Revealist articles were also pretty hysterical.

Rhys: Yes, definitely.

Oren (GM): Yes. So, and then we have persona. The first way to get persona is through embodiment. When a player or GM captures the mood of the table perfectly and further drives the story onward with their performance, one persona point is awarded. Hmm, hmm, anybody? Any suggestions for a scene?

Mike: I’m sorry, I read it again?

Oren (GM): It’s embodiment. When a player or the GM captures the mood of the table perfectly and further drives the story onward with their performance, one persona point is awarded. Moments of great speeches, desperate decisions, or gruesome revenge fall into this category.

Mike: Hmm…

Oren (GM): Maybe not this early, you guys are still kind of getting a feel for everything.

Chloe: Yeah.

Rhys: Mhm.

Oren (GM): There’s another one called mold breaker that you can get, where you have to go against one of your beliefs and you play that up and really show the conflict. But again, we’re kind of early on, early days on that.

So we will instead vote for workhorse and MVP [most valuable player]. Workhorse is the character most relied upon in a given session. This is for the mundane stuff, having the right piece of gear to make a scene, going through all the hard work behind the scenes that wasn’t super appreciated. I think that one goes to Wonbi.

Oren (GM): And then I think MVP, who was the one that really drove the session. I think that’s going to go to Toni.

Oren (GM): For being all sneaky, sneaky.

All right. So. Thank you for listening to this first episode of the Mythcreants actual play podcast. With any luck we will be back next month with another session of Last Ship of the Republic.

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