Our Best Posts of 2020

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We can all let out a sigh of relief that 2020 is over. It was a nightmarish year, but at least some of us got extra time to write! Celebrate the bright spots by reading our top content of the year.

Our Top Ten Articles

Oren started critiquing worlds in depth this year, resulting in our biggest hit. Unsurprisingly, that was rounded out by social justice commentary and many helpful lists.

Top Podcast, Q&A, and Comic

If you haven’t checked out our other content, here’s your chance to sample audience favorites.


How Do I Describe Fat Characters Respectfully?

questions and answer talk bubbles

I am having trouble with descriptive language for people, particularly big or fat or heavyweight people. What is some general advice you would have (or maybe a word bank? (if that wouldn’t be too much trouble)) on descriptive words for heavier weight people. I hope … read more »

Editors’ Picks

Every year, we publish posts that change our thinking or start discussions but aren’t sexy enough to make the top ten. So we’ve chosen some important pieces you might have missed.

Thanks for Spending a Tough Year With Us

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Here’s hoping 2021 will be better!




  1. Fay Onyx

    This is a great best of post! I really like the combination of the 10 most popular posts and editor picks. Also surprised and flattered that one of my articles is the top Q & A.

  2. Raillery

    Happy New Year! I truly appreciate Mythcreant’s contribution to pleasantly distracting me the past twelve months. Keep up the great work!

  3. Ace of Hearts

    Happy New Year, Mythcreants! Your work over the past many years has been invaluable to me and many others. Excited to see what’s coming in 2021.

  4. Zoe

    Happy New Year’s, what a great selection! I’ve discovered Mythcreants at the start of 2020 and thanks to you guys I’ve finally started writing again and always had something to look forward to, no matter how tough times were. Cheers and keep up the great work

  5. mysterious ghost

    Cheers! Looking forward to seeing what’s to come in 2021. Thanks for offering such a fun and helpful corner of the internet for us budding storytellers. It’s like a cozy refuge from the hostile, untamed wilderness of the internet. I know I can always come to Mythcreants to soothe my psyche!

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