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A collage of images from the Orville, Star Wars, X-Men, and Twilight
This year we had another social justice post go viral: my Six Rape Tropes and How to Replace Them. Roleplaying articles came back with a vengeance thanks to a new guest blogger, Ari Ashkenazi, and our youngest team member, Bunny, demonstrated she could deliver top-notch sass. Oren doubled down on explaining why storytellers shouldn’t be depicting oppressed mages, and we’ve seen his take catch on around the internet.

Our Top Ten Articles


Five Signs Your Narration Is Sexist

Sexism in stories can be quite egregious. Heroes may outright state that women don’t belong on the battlefield, rape is often treated like a cutesy and forgivable mistake, and supposedly likable characters act in blatantly misogynist ways. Read more »

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