Online Harassment, Rogue Planets, and Unlikable Villians

A villain from This Must Be the Only Fantasy

This week there’s a delightful 13 minute film about fantasy and roleplaying, an article on what Finding Nemo would be like with real science, and lessons for creating villains and magnificent bastards. 


Plague of game dev harassment erodes industry, spurs support groups by  Brian Crecente at Polygon

Includes this amazing quote from Jennifer Hepler:

“If you decide to take up almost any other hobby in the world, you can find beginning classes teaching you how to do it. […] And generally, the people already involved in those hobbies are thrilled to have someone with whom they can share their passion. But if you want to get started as a gamer, you get told, ‘go home noob,’ because people in this hobby hate newcomers so much they turned the word itself into an insult. How are we supposed to thrive as an industry if we are actively hostile to growing our audience?”

Film Short: This Must Be The Only Fantasy by Rodarte & Todd Cole at The Creators Project


GM Advice: Enlivening Overland Travel by Raging Swan

The Forms of a Railroad by Callin at Big Ball of No Fun

Science & Inspiration

Rogue planets can form without a parent star by
George Dvorsky at  io9

10 Real Technologies That Look Insanely Futuristic by George Dvorsky at  io9

Finding Nemo lied to your kids, and they will do it again in the sequel: Finding Dory! by Patrick Cooney at The Fisheries via io9


Movie Minutiae: 9 Common Film Errors That Are Just the Worst  by Emily Asher-Perrin at

The very best storytelling games to light your imagination on fire by
Ed Grabianowski at  io9

Do villains have to commit “taboo” acts for us to hate them? by
Esther Inglis-Arkell at  io9

Dystropia: All Hail The Magnificent Bastard by  Troy Farah at LitReactor

Why Dystopian Tales Like Elysium Often Fail by Devon Maloney at Underwire

The Real Reason Why Grown-Ups Love Young-Adult Fantasy Books by Marie Rutkoski at io9


The Only Kind of Sentence You Should Use in Your Fiction by
Charlie Jane Anders at io9

Story Worlds 101: The Six Pillars of Middle Earth (Part 2 of 2) by Brad Kane


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