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Two years ago today, Mythcreants launched into cyberspace. When an unknown group first launches a website, the internet is more like an echo chamber than a crowded party. It’s awkward and discouraging to speak to an empty room. But if you don’t, no one has a reason to enter and listen. Mythcreants spoke passionately to that empty room week after week, and our traffic grew slowly. Then, not so slowly.

But it hasn’t been easy. Mythcreants is powered by a team of about a dozen volunteers. Half of our volunteers contribute every week, and for three people, Mythcreants is an unpaid part-time job. Before articles go out, they are reviewed by an editor, revised by the author, then adjusted by two copy editors. Podcasts are researched, recorded, and then edited, before being reviewed and posted.

Then there’s the operating costs. It takes money to keep any website afloat, and as we have become more popular, those costs have gone up. So far, we’ve paid our costs out of pocket. But we can’t afford it forever.

We love creating content. We wish we could make even more content for you, but we’re stretched as far as we can go. Still, we dream of the day we can quit our day jobs and make content for you full time, when we can pay every volunteer for their hard work.

We’ve been touched by the kindness and enthusiasm of our followers. So we thought, why not give our fans a way to help us? That’s why we signed up with a service called Patreon. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform designed just for content creators like us. It works on a subscription basis, giving creators the regular revenue they need. But that doesn’t mean it has to break your pocketbook. You can support Mythcreants for as little as $1 a month.

Be Our Patron

To thank our patrons for supporting us, we’ve spent the last several months cooking up fun rewards. We hope you like them.

$1/Month Level

wallpaper-1280x1024At the starting level, you’ll get this fabulous desktop wallpaper made by yours truly. It comes in a variety of dimensions to fit your monitor.

The design has mystic scribbles, our logo, and glowy things. Who doesn’t like glowy things?

Pledge $1/Month

$5/Month Level

Mythcreants BookmarksWe have these pairs of bookmarks, with a pretty picture on one side and some of our favorite quotes from the blog on the other. That way if you’re reading something terrible, you can refresh yourself by reading something slightly less terrible.

Oh, and you’ll also get the wallpaper.

Pledge $5/Month

$10/Month Level

pinsAt this level, you join our pin club! To start, you’ll get our standard moon pin plus the limited edition pin of that period. Then every six months, you’ll get a new limited edition pin. Each limited edition pin will reference a piece of work on the site.

Plus, you’ll get the bookmarks and wallpaper too.

Pledge $10/Month

$20/Month Level

Mythcreants diceWe have these custom dice from Chessex, and let me tell you, they are gorgeous. Whenever they come out of hiding, everyone starts craning their necks and asking how they can get their hands on some. You’ll get five of these dice, plus a nice little bag to keep them in.

On top of that, you’ll get the pins, the bookmarks, and the wallpaper.

Pledge $20/Month

$50/Month Level

At this point we could only imagine profusely thanking our patron over and over again, so that’s exactly what we’ll do. You’ll get listed as a sponsor of our site, and then on every page, a sponsor will be chosen from the list at random and displayed. Along with displaying the name of you or your organization, we’ll link back to your website and post a short tagline introducing you.

Naturally, you’ll also get the dice, pins, bookmarks, and wallpaper.

Pledge $50/Month

$100/Month Level

At the $100/month level, even profusely thanking you on the website wouldn’t do justice to our gratitude and general dumb-struck awe. So we’ll thank you on every podcast too, telling everyone who will listen to us that you are making our work possible.

And we’ll feebly and humbly gift you with a place on the sponsor list, a set of dice, limited edition pins, two bookmarks, and a desktop wallpaper.

Pledge $100/Month

For All Patrons

Regardless of the level, every patron will have access to our Patreon activity feed. There we’ll post behind-the-scenes notes on what we’re up to. You can post there as well – come say hi to us! We’ll invite our patrons to give us input on the content they want to see and celebrate with us when we reach important funding milestones.

Thank you to all the fans, followers, and sharers that have gotten us as far as we have. I can’t count the number of times a kind commenter has made my day. We’ll keep making the content you love, and offering it for free. You keep being the wonderful supporters you are.

Be Our Patron

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