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Update 3/3/22: We are no longer taking applications for this position.

Those of you who have looked at our editing pages have probably noticed we have a six-month wait on content editing orders. At our current size, we simply don’t have enough time to both run the blog and keep up with demand. We’re looking to expand our editing team, but we need the right candidate.

Could that candidate be you?

The Position

Content editors, also known as developmental or substantive editors, focus on the big-picture aspects of a story and give writers advice on making the plot more cohesive, the characters more compelling, and generally raising engagement. As a progressive organization, we also offer gentle feedback on improving problematic aspects of stories. Mythcreants content editors do not make any marks or comments on a manuscript; all feedback is written separately. You can learn more about our methodology by reviewing our content editing page.

This is a part-time contract position that is paid on a per-project basis. As a contractor, you will work remotely and set your own schedule. We expect the number and size of projects to slowly increase over time.

We’ll start with up to 25 hours of paid training at a rate of $20/hour. Training will be paced depending on your availability; it may take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months.

Once training is complete, projects will be paid at a rate of $174 plus .72¢ / word for manuscripts and 2.16¢ / word for outlines. That means $246 for a 10,000 word short story or $390 for a 10,000 word outline.  

Who We’re Looking For

We need a candidate who:

  • Is great at dissecting stories
  • Is on board with Mythcreants’ storytelling philosophy
  • Loves speculative fiction
  • Values diversity and equality
  • Has strong communication skills
  • Can work independently and meet deadlines

While we don’t require any specific degrees or experience, we consider all of these to be assets in a candidate:

  • Editing experience or training (any type)
  • Freelancing experience
  • Blogging or article writing experience, particularly in media critique
  • A record of social justice advocacy
  • Lived experience of oppression

What You Need to Apply


We will start reviewing applications on Monday, February 7. Applications submitted after that will be given lower priority.

Cover Letter

Please write us a cover letter up to a page in length. Describe how you’re a fit for this position and why you’re interested in being a Mythcreants content editor.

Resume (optional) 

We recommend submitting a resume if you have relevant experience.

Brief Media Analysis 

We’re asking applicants to submit a 500-1,000 word Mythcreants-style media analysis of one of the stories listed below. What’s “Mythcreants-style”? That’s up to you. This is your opportunity to show us how well you know our storytelling approach.

In your brief analysis, focus on big-picture issues and large opportunities to improve audience experience. Avoid a blow-by-blow breakdown. You do not need to word your analysis as though you’re communicating to the writer; talk to us. Suggesting changes is optional.

Apply Here

We are no longer taking applications for this position.

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