Science Fiction


Real Numbers

A military drone fires two missiles. War arrived quietly every 2.5 years. After each peace settlement expired, the USR grew bolder, justifying the next conflict with more outrageous claims than before. International authorities became apathetic; allies no longer offered assistance. For years, Chancellor Abby Walsh wasted resources applying for aid. Now … read more »

Honor Among Thieves

A spaceship flies over a moon near Jupiter Kesha Cherian swore as alarms blared. A blip inched toward her ship on the sensor display. Another ship, running without transponders, was on a collision course with just the right amount of momentum for boarding. Pirates. “No you don’t,” Kesha muttered. Her hands flew over … read more »


A spaceship flies near a habitable planet. Projected distance to orbital destination: 500 million kilometers. Initiating location ping. Ping returns negative. Calculations are in error. Activate contingency. I am a consciousness in the void. I feel nothing, sense nothing. I have been awake before, a long time before. I become aware of … read more »