Epic Adrenaline, Geeky Songs, and Horrible Aftermaths

This week there’s several good pieces on characters and character dialog, a response to the “fake geek” concept, ways to refresh yourself for better writing or roleplaying, and a stunning compilation of epic clips from spec fic movies.


Writing Excuses 8.30: Writing Reluctant Characters (Podcast)  by Mary Robinette KowalBrandon SandersonHoward Tayler and Dan Wells

Write Like a Girl (or Guy) by  Kimberly Turner at LitReactor

It’s Made of SCIENCE: Writing Characters That Are Smarter Than You by  Nathann Scalia at LitReactor


If You Think Fake Geek Girls Are a Thing, The Doubleclicks (and John Scalzi) Would Like to Have a Word With You by Leah Schnelbach at

Top 10 Geeky Songs by Colin O’Boyle at Geek Smash


5 Writing Exercises That Will Make You More Creative by  at

Twists by A. Lee Martinez

6 Horrible Aftermaths Implied by Movies With Happy Endings by    at



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