Comics: Roll Dice Already!

Wrath of a Confused God

Emma, Farid, and Tash discussing the rules. Emma runs around the room with supers peed.


At the table, Emma has the book open to show Tash something she found.

Emma: Look at this. The book says that some Vampires think Disciplines are a “form of dark Biblical justice, bestowed upon Caine and his get as a damnation-scourge.”

Tash: How are Disciplines, which are basically super powers, supposed to punish anyone?

Farid grins.

Farid: It is all a matter of perspective.

In the game, Emma is running around Tash’s room with superspeed, knocking things over and being a nuisance. Tash looks on in frustration.

Emma: God, in his infinite wrath, has seen fit to curse me with super speed. The horror!

Tash: Okay, I’m feeling the curse.


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