Comics: Once Upon a Trope

Wise Oak


A huge gnarled oak stands on a hilltop, an impassive face on its trunk. A monarch in rich robes kneels before the oak.

Monarch: Oh old oak, I beseech your wisdom! How can I make my reign happy and prosperous?

The oak looks down at the monarch with big eyes. The monarch looks surprised.

Oak: Sun yummy. Fire ouchy.

Back in the palace, the monarch sits on their throne, looking determined, as several subjects kneel before them, pleading.

Subject 1: Sire, please let us build fires again. We need to bake our bread!

Monarch: Forget bread. The sun shall provide all sustenance!



  1. LazerRobot

    Hahahahahaha I love this so much! The wisdom is just too deep!

    The oak’s facial expression is great.

  2. LeeEsq

    The correct answer is the free market.

    • Alverant

      It would be happy and prosperous for the King and the other elites. Not so much for everyone else.

      • LeeEsq

        That depends on your reading of history. I tend more towards free market economics than anything else. The attempts to replace capitalism have not worked out so well.

        • Rakka

          I for one prefer having a government that enforces stuff like “don’t put sawdust in flour and chalk in the milk”. Free market without protection for the small actors quickly becomes oligarchy of a few big companies. Nevermind the actual humans in it.

  3. Julia

    Wise oak? More like a wiseacre, amiright?

    • AK Nephtali

      Respect the pun, respect the pun

    • LeeEsq

      Wiseacre? Is this real property law again?

  4. AK Nephtali

    I can’t beleaf the monarch fell for it. They’re really barking up the wrong tree.

    • Julia

      This is what happens when you ask a tree for advice regarding branches of government.

  5. A.R.

    This makes infinitely more sense than the tree that for whatever reason is actually interested in silly human affairs. This tree is clearly a tree, not an ancient advice-giving wizard in disguise.

    I foresee a rebellion in this kingdom’s future…

    • Kieran

      Or perhaps a royal sibling declaring that the king has gone mad and deciding to set themselves up as the regent in the king’s place.

  6. LilFluff

    *starts handing out solar ovens to the populace*

    I mean yeah, they don’t heat up at night or cloudy days, on the other hand you don’t have to go out collecting firewood for them which should make the trees happy.

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