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Wise Leadership

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In the game, Emma and Farid are in the wilderness. Emma directs Farid.  

Emma: Quickly, find us a road to Copperwood.

Farid: Sure, just gotta roll Pathfinder.  

At the table, Farid has a handful of dice. Emma holds up a single die.

Emma: Wait, I’ll give you a helping die from one of my Wises.

Tash: Which Wise do you use?

Emma stares at her list of wises.

Emma: I’ll use Maps-Wise, or maybe I’ll use Copperwood-Wise. Oh wait, I’ll use Wilderness-Wise. I know, I’ll roll Contemplation-Wise to figure it out.

In the game, Farid has a map out and looks at Emma expectantly.

Farid: I’m still waiting for my helping die.

Emma: You can’t rush this kind of wisdom, youngin.


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