In a fancy establishment, a badass-looking hero with sunglasses puts two daggers down on a table. Over the table is a sign reading “Check in your weapons here.” The checker behind the table has their arms crossed as they glare suspiciously at the hero.

Checker: Okay, now turn over the rest of them. 

A montage of images shows the hero pulling things out of their hair, their mouth, off their sunglasses, from between their toes, out of a tiny chest pocket, and peeling a fake tattoo off their stomach.

On the table is an assortment of miscellaneous small items next to the daggers: a cotton swab, a tooth, a nail clipper, a four-sided die, a pencil stub, and a ripped fake tattoo. The checker stares at them.

Checker: Do I want to know how you plan to hurt people with these?

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