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Urban Fantasy City


A vampire and human speak on the phone. They are both somewhere dimly lit.

Vampire: If you want to see your friend again, meet me at the abandoned mine.

Human: Okay. Wait – where is that?

Vampire: Sigh. You’re staying at the abandoned mansion, right?

Human: Yeah.

Vampire: So drive past the abandoned hospital, turn left at the abandoned prison, park at the abandoned church and walk past the abandoned cemetery.

Human: Why does this town have so many abandoned places?

Their surroundings are clearer, showing that both callers are at a crowded nightclub.

Vampire, rolling eyes: Because everyone’s at the local club, of course.



  1. Dave L

    If this town had a bunch of abandoned warehouses it would also be infested w/ supervillains

    • SunlessNick

      In Dragon Age II, when you visit the docks, one of your companions can say “These warehouses are occasionally used to store things. They’re not just for clandestine meetings.”

      The best part is that he stresses the ‘These,’ as if he thinks the other warehouses *are* just for clandestine meetings.

  2. Erynus

    Welcome to Abandoned. Pop: 45.000

  3. Kenneth Mackay

    Must be Sunnyvale…!

  4. Ken Hughes

    The mine used to be owned by Vic Timm. The mansion was the old Goners Estate. The hospital closed down because none of the local causes of injury were something they could treat…

    Property values in UF City just keep going down.

    • SunlessNick


    • AlgaeNymph

      If it has food delivery and Internet access I’m moving there! Bloodsucking party kids got nothing on the local tech companies. Probably has more QUILTBAG diversity than San Francisco, too.

      • Bellis

        They only have one food delivery and it is 100$ per delivery because the drivers have to be well trained and armoured – the other food delivery places became abandoned because the “customers” used to eat the driver instead of the pizza…

        (on the plus side, you might be able to squat in an abandoned fast food place which would be cool!)

  5. Alverant

    Why can’t there be any abandoned luxury penthouses?

    • AlgaeNymph

      Because that’s where all the vampires live.

      • Cay Reet

        I do hope they have excellent blinds, then.

  6. Anonymous

    Bunny, I love your art skills! They really make the comics interesting! I

    • Bunny

      Aw, thank you! I’m glad to hear it!

    • Bellis

      Seconded! I love the facial expressions especially, but the costumes are fun too!

  7. The Not-So-Great Caruso

    There’s also an abandoned castle, in case Dracula stops by for a guest spot — neither to be seen again.

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