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Turn-Based Combat


In the background, a Team Good hero is fighting an evil minion. In the foreground, Hero 1 holds Hero 2 back from the fight. Hero 1 looks self-righteous and smug, while Hero 2 appears incredulous.

Hero 1: You can’t attack yet, it’s his turn.

Hero 2: Turn? Shouldn’t we attack at the same time?

Hero 1: That would hardly be fair!

Later… Hero 2 looks beaten up as they speak to the warlord. 

Hero 2: Can I join your side instead?

At the Team Evil headquarters, the warlord is riling up all the evil minions.

Warlord: We are the ruthless horde! We will crush their bones and drink their blood!

Minions [including Hero 2]: ARG!!

Warlord is wearing glasses and looking at a clipboard.

Warlord: Just one reminder. By union rules, turns in a fight are allotted based on seniority, so only attack if someone in seniority doesn’t want your spot.

Hero 2: Dammit.



  1. Cay Reet

    LOL … as someone who likes games with turn-based fights, I feel the frustration, nevertheless. A slight help there is when there’s turn-based gameplay, but every character has a certain time between attacks, so some might fight more often than others.

  2. GeniusLemur

    Huh? Evil armies do in reverse seniority, so the newest, least trained and experienced troops get sent in first and the hero fights someone easy when they’re holding a sword for the first time. Anybody knows that.

    • SunlessNick

      Or else so the hero gets tired and depleted before fighting anyone important.

      • Cay Reet

        That actually does make sense – absolute beginners are easy to replace an the hero is more likely to fail against harder-to-replace henches with experience.

  3. Lexy

    LOOOOOL! This made me laugh way harder than it should have, omgosh, the Final Fantasy flashbacks are real X’D Brilliant job guys! Btw, in the new FFVII, is there also turn based combat?

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      I haven’t been able to play FFVIIR because I don’t have that PS4 money, but I think it’s a quasi turn based system. Instead of distinct turns, every character has an action timer, and they can act when the timer hits zero.

      • Lexy

        Ahhhh, interesting! Thanks for the reply!

  4. A.R.

    I thought the bad guys attacked all at once? To overwhelm the hero by sheer force of numbers? Isn’t that the only way to succeed against their self-fighting sword and awesome superpowers?

    Hey…how do the glasses stay up?

    • Cay Reet

      Unfortunately, the League of Villains has agreed with their colleagues from the League of Heroes that attacking all at once is unfair and can’t be done.

      I imagine the glasses stay up the regular way – hooked over the ears beneath the helmet. Although I admit that they’re aiming a little low with the sides.

      • A.R.

        But then how can the villains be sure they’ll win? Villainy is getting less intelligent by the book.
        What I meant is why aren’t the glasses falling into his mouth? He hasn’t got a nose to hold them up….OH. He’s trying to imitate He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!

  5. LeeEsq

    This reminds me how every monster of the week or villain in Magical Girl anime seems to have too much of a sense of fair play to strike during the transformation sequence.

    • Bellis


      But heroes are like that as well, when they watch on as a shapeshifting villain/monster or werewolf transforms…

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