A child protagonist sits on a mushroom throne in elaborate overly large garb and a huge scepter. A wise sage stands before the throne, pointing to a portal through which the child’s bedroom is visible.

Sage: Now that you have saved the kingdom, the mystic gateway has opened one last time. We must bid you farewell as you return to your own land.

Child: But this is my land now! And it’s awesome. I’m gonna stay and rule.

Sage, frowning: No, child, it’s time for you to use your new found wisdom and bravery to overcome the fearsome foes of school and family life.

Child: I won’t need to if I don’t go back.

Sage, looking desperate: Think of your parents. They’ll miss you.

Child: Oh. You’re right. I need to go home.

Dorky parents appear at the portal entrance with suitcases.

Dad: Wow, looks cozy over there! Hope there’s enough mush-room for us?

Child: Yay!

Sage: *Sob*

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