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In the game, Farid’s character is still lying in a fetal position on the ground with Emma standing over him.

Farid: Man, these wound penalties bite.

Emma: Hah! That’s what you get for rushing into a fight.

Tash: Four orcs appear. They don’t look happy that their friend is dead.

Farid: Do you have enough spells for that many orcs?

Emma: Psh. There are no spells per day in this game!

In the game, Emma’s character fries the orcs with a spell from her staff.

Emma: Flee, puny creatures, your unmaking has come!

Tash [out of game]: Congratulations. The orcs are either destroyed or flee in terror. Roll Forte, please.

Emma: Roll what now?

Tash: Forte. It’s your character’s physical stamina. All that spellcasting tires you out.

Emma rolls all ones.

Emma: Uh oh.

In the game, both PCs are now curled in fetal positions on the ground.

Emma: Ouch…


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