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The Truth at Last

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This comic contains minor spoilers for The Voyage, but major plot points have been changed to preserve the mystery.


In the game, Farid is reading an occult book while Emma looks over his shoulder. 

Farid: It says here I was doing a summoning ritual-

Emma: Ah-ha, I knew it!

Farid: -a summoning ritual to ask Poseidon for good weather, but that the ritual can go wrong if someone interrupts it.

Emma looks sheepish.

Farid: There’s also a note here about a paranoid weirdo who’d been harassing me.

Emma: Er, okay fine, I guess it was kind of my fault too. But how badly could a weather ritual go wrong?

Out the porthole, an enormous dragon’s head rises from the water. 

Farid: That looks pretty wrong to me.


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