A warlord in shiny golden armor enters a throne room. The chancellor bows to him.

Warlord: The Golden Conqueror is here at last! Where is Queen Vella?

Chancellor: She fled in terror, sire. The Spiky Throne is yours.

The chancellor is gesturing to the large metal throne, which now clearly has sharp spikes with bits of dried blood on the seat and back. The warlord looks nervous.

Warlord: The… Spiky Throne?

Chancellor: Indeed, sire. By impassively sitting on the spikes, our monarch proves they have the strength to rule. The last three rebellions started after a monarch winced before the court.

The warlord blusters.

Warlord: Uh… well… I make my own rules! And I say the strongest monarch gets the thickest cushion!

Chancellor: Of course, your majesty, there is a royal cushion ready.

Servants have come in carrying a large cushion that’s pink and covered in frills. The warlord looks terrified.

Chancellor: It was created for Crown Princess Enna when she inherited the throne at the tender age of four.

Warlord: That’s… I just remembered I have another kingdom to conquer. Onward!

The “chancellor” is now wearing a crown as she lounges on the throne using her big pink cushion. The servants feed her delicacies.

Queen Vella: I can’t believe that works every time.

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