Comics: Once Upon a Trope

The Only One Who Can Save Us


A young child protagonist sits in their room, doing homework. 

Suddenly, a glowing, swirling portal opens up in front of them! The child protagonist looks shocked. A sorceress in glamorous fantasy clothes, carrying a large bag in one hand, steps out of the portal and beckons to them.

Sorceress: Child, come quickly! There is great tragedy in my realm, and only you can stop it.

Child: Why me? I’m nobody special.

Sorceress: You have a heart pure as fresh spring water, revealing your destiny: to banish evil not with violence, but with the gentle touch of innocence. So I have come to take you beneath my wing, to foster your purity, your incorruption, your incredible integrity to drive the darkness away.

As the sorceress continues, a child that is chained and crawling out of the bag reaches out for help.

Chained Child: Heeelp meeee…

The sorceress stuffs the chained child back in the bag with one hand. The “special” child stares with WIDE eyes.

Sorceress: She wasn’t innocent enough.



  1. Cay Reet


  2. Crovet

    Oh boy… this is priceless.
    It kind of reminds me of a story I was working on, in that an elven Sorceress abducts an ordinary human girl to fulfill a “Great destiny”…

    …which consists of basically of smiling and waving, because the daughter of the sorceress really wanted to see what humans looked like, and there were no humans in their world.

    The Chosen One trope is probably one of the most satisfying to see subverted.

  3. Recursive Rabbit

    I think this kind of idea has come up in Changeling: The Lost as to how a sample character got taken by the True Fae. No shortage of Isekai fans to be tempted.

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