A young child protagonist sits in their room, doing homework. 

Suddenly, a glowing, swirling portal opens up in front of them! The child protagonist looks shocked. A sorceress in glamorous fantasy clothes, carrying a large bag in one hand, steps out of the portal and beckons to them.

Sorceress: Child, come quickly! There is great tragedy in my realm, and only you can stop it.

Child: Why me? I’m nobody special.

Sorceress: You have a heart pure as fresh spring water, revealing your destiny: to banish evil not with violence, but with the gentle touch of innocence. So I have come to take you beneath my wing, to foster your purity, your incorruption, your incredible integrity to drive the darkness away.

As the sorceress continues, a child that is chained and crawling out of the bag reaches out for help.

Chained Child: Heeelp meeee…

The sorceress stuffs the chained child back in the bag with one hand. The “special” child stares with WIDE eyes.

Sorceress: She wasn’t innocent enough.

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