A young woman sits on her couch holding a phone, looking incredulously at an online video.

Woman: Have you seen the special effects on this goblin? They look ridiculous!

Doorbell: Ding dong!

An agent in a suit and sunglasses stands in the doorway with a stern expression. The tips of colorful butterfly wings are showing on either side of his shoulders.

Agent: Are you user dragn4rt? You’ve viewed and liked what no mortal should see. You’ll have to come with me.

Woman: Come with… are you wearing fairy wings?

Agent: No.

The agent looks sheepish.

Woman: Okay look, if it’s about the bad goblin video I made, I’m going to improve the special effects, just as soon as –

Agent: Wait, you made the video?

The doorway shows only the bottom of the agent’s legs as they float upward.

Woman: With my buddies. I’m still new at it but – 

Woman: Hello?

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