In a postapocalyptic landscape, a graying man and a 14-year-old girl come upon a stranger who welcomes them to his campfire.

Joe: I’m Joe, and this is Ella, who is not my daughter.

Stranger 1: Come ’round, let me tell you my harrowing story of survival.

Another stranger appears to attack the first with a knife. The first stranger pulls out a gun. Ella’s eyes widen while Joe looks nonplussed. 

Stranger 2: I’ll kill you!

Stranger 1: I’ll kill you first!

A fungus zombie appears to tackle both strangers and wrap them in fungal growths. Ella recoils, but Joe doesn’t react.

Zombie: click click click

Stranger 2: Ahhh!

Stranger 1: I’ve been bitten!

The strangers and zombie are now in tiny pieces on the ground. Joe calmly holds a gun in one hand and has his other arm over Ella’s shoulders. Ella’s face is sprayed with blood, and her eyes are still bulging in shock.

Joe: The important thing is that we’re a family now.

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