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The First Journey

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In the game, Farid and Emma are standing on a rock outcrop, looking out at stormy horizon. Tash speaks in voice over.

Tash: You depart Lockhaven on your first mission, but stormclouds churn on the horizon.

Emma: We push on.

Farid: Yeah, some bad weather won’t stop us.

At the table, Tash calls for rolls.

Tash: Then it is time for a Journey Conflict. Roll your Pathfinder skill…

Emma and Farid roll a handful of d6s, getting mostly failures.  

Emma: Darn.

Farid: Wait, we lost to the weather? What does that mean?

In the game. Farid and Emma are swept away in a torrent of water.



  1. Bronze Dog

    Do not underestimate the power of flowing water. Don’t drive through it if you can’t see the bottom.

    Like just about everything else, it’s a much bigger issue at mouse scale.

    • GeniusLemur

      “Turn around, don’t drown” as NOAA puts it.
      And yeah, players who claim weather won’t deter them should make sure their characters are more than three inches tall.

    • Bronze Dog

      On that front, I’m starting to think about worldbuilding issues relating to a race’s scale and how it affects their culture. We’ll probably be seeing a lot of how dangerous the world is for intelligent mice as this series goes on, but I’m getting curious what advantages and disadvantages come with shrinking a race on a civilization scale.

      • Hunter-Wolf

        In terms of world building i think there are few advantages and disadvantages i can think of.

        1-Small size allows for better use of resources like food and minerals, an apple could feed multiple mice and a human sword could be used to forge swords, shields and armor for an entire mice squad.
        2-Small size makes it much easier to hide as mice can use plenty of hiding locations bigger creatures can’t use.

        1-Small size makes mice potential food for plenty of bigger animals/creatures like owls or cats.
        2-Traveling distance is a much bigger issue for smaller creatures unless they can hitch a ride on the back of much bigger creatures (same way humans ride horses).
        3-Natural phenomena can be problematic like heavy rain, flooding, strong wind, also natural barriers like rivers and seas are a bigger problem.

  2. Roleplaying Nerd

    For a moment there I thought that Tash was going to have them all drown and that there would be yet another surprise ending, this time in the first session.

  3. greg

    I think the biggest advantage of worldbuilding for mouse-sized PCs is that you could run an entire campaign on a couple of square miles of land.

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