At the table, Emma lays out the situation.

Emma: At the Spring Solstice Court, you hear rumors that a strange, slimy True Fae is moving within the Hedge. Besides the fact that it leaves a trail of slime behind it, you don’t know anything specific.

Tash: Time to put that Occult skill to use.

Farid: To the research room!

In the game, Tash is reading through a pile of books, when Farid offers her a bright green leaf. He’s already eating one, and his eyes blaze green. 

Farid: Here, try these. They’re called Jarmyn leaves, they’ll let you go for days without sleep.

Tash tries one of the leaves, and her eyes glow green as well. 

Tash: These are amazing, I can research all the time without stopping.

Emma speaks in a voice-over. 

Emma: From your research, you discover that this True Fae’s secret weakness is salt.

Farid: Let’s go after them!

Armed with salt shakers, Tash and Farid confront an enormous, slug-like true fae.

Emma: You confront the True Fae as it emerges from the hedge!

Farid: Prepare to meet your doom… What the heck? I’m suddenly exhausted.

Suddenly, Tash and Farid both look as if they haven’t slept id days. They collapse to the ground. 

Tash: Me too. I can’t keep my eyes open.

At the table, Emma explains what happened. 

Emma: You’ve forgotten that Jarmyn leaves have side effects.

Farid: Side effects?

Emma: You know how a lot of caffeine can make you crash later? Well, fae drugs are a bit more extreme.

In the game, Tash and Farid are sleeping soundly.

Tash: Well, we can’t have slept that long – it’s still the Spring Solstice.

Farid: Think again. It’s the next Spring Solstice.

Tash: Where did the True Fae go?

Emma: You’re not sure, but you can do some research.

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