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The Business of Adventure

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In the game, Emma and Tash have slain a dark god and stand over its treasure hoard. Farid speaks in a voice over. 

Farid: The Dark God lies slain, and its vast treasure is yours for the taking.

Tash: That’s more gold than we can ever spend. What do we do now?

Emma: Retire, I guess? There’s no reason for us to keep risking our lives on adventures.

Emma and Tash sit in a rich house sipping whine. Their table bears an impressive fruit platter.

Emma: This is… nice.

Tash: Yes, the retired life is very… satisfying.

Tash drops her wine goblet. Emma kicks over the fruit platter.

Emma: I hate it.

Tash: I’m so bored.

At the table, Farid looks at them suspiciously. 

Farid: So you’ll give up the comfortable life and get back to adventuring?  

Tash: Not quite. We miss the excitement, but we can do without the danger.

In the game, Emma and Tash offer slips of paper to a bunch of poorly equipped, wannabe adventurers.

Tash: That’s why we’re starting a franchise.

Emma: Step right up and get yourself an official adventuring certificate, only 20 gold pieces!  

Farid: And I think that’s a good place to end the campaign, before your economic shenanigans bring down the whole setting.

Emma: It turns out magic and monsters are no match for the power of capitalism!



  1. cerabobble

    What’s the next system? Any hints?

    And hehe… Capitalism won

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      Next up we will take a short interlude with The Voyage, and then hopefully move on to Rising Tide, which is another game of my own design (I didn’t mean to make two creepy games about boats that’s just how it happened).

      • cerabobble

        Cool, I’ve been wondering what The Voyage would play like!

  2. Richard

    The sudden appearance of massive amounts of gold and jewelry crashes the local economy. Civil unrest grows and spreads. Local authorities are too weak to control it. Thieves start targeting the party….

  3. Garminzhxc

    for Countess Louise of Savoy

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