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The B Plot

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In the game, Emma and Farid are following a set of tracks and pass near a beehive.  

Emma: It might not be wise for us to get so close to that bee hive.

Farid: Don’t worry, I’ve got the Apiarist skill.

At the table, Emma gives Farid a skeptical look.

Emma: The what skill?

Farid: Apirist!

Tash: It means beekeeping.

In the game, Farid stops to pet a bee. Tash speaks in a voice over.

Emma: What could you possibly use that for?

Tash: Sorry to interupt, but the weasel you’ve been tracking leaps from the shadows, spear raised.  

A well armed weasel appears! Farid throws the bee he was petting at the weasel.

Farid: Bees, attack!



  1. Bronze Dog

    I remember an article here about the most useless skills in RPGs. But I imagine there will always be people who create characters with the intention of proving the popular wisdom wrong.

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