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The Age of Winter

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In the game, Farid, Emma, and a number of other Guard Mice gather before a warm fire.

Tash: As the snows begin to fall, it is time for all Guard Mice to gather by the fire in Lockhaven and tell stories of the year. This is the Winter Session.

At the table, Emma and Farid look over the book.

Emma: Cool, what do we do?

Tash: First, increase your age another year.

Farid: Wait, hang on, if we go out adventuring instead of staying in Lockhaven for the Winter Session, do we age?

Tash: I don’t think so. But…

In the game, Farid runs for the door.

Farid: Everyone to  follow me, I know a way we can live forever!

Moments later, Farid returns. He shivers, covered in snow and ice.

Farid: Ok, nevermind, I guess aging isn’t so bad.


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