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Sword of the Ancients


A Hero faces a Dark Queen on the battlefield.

Hero: Your reign of terror is over, for I have Doomslayer, the legendary blade forged by the ancients!

The Hero hits the Queen with the sword.

Hero: Aaaaah!

The sword breaks against her plate mail.

Queen: Is that bronze?

Hero [defensively]: I did say it was ancient.



  1. Cay Reet

    Let’s never forget that ‘old’ can mean ‘not as good as a new weapon’ as well as ‘ancient and powerful’. Love this one.

  2. Paulo Retkinsson

    The art of swordmaking just hasn’t been the same since they moved on to stronger, more reliable metals

  3. Olivia

    Bromze is inferior to steel in a lot of ways, but breaking isn’t one of them. Steel is actually the one that tends to snap. Bronze is way more likely to be rendered useless by bending rather than breaking (e.g. all those early celtic bronze swords that were bent and ritually deposited in lakes).

    • Alverant

      True, but snapping is funnier.

  4. Julia

    Should have stuck with the rock bound to a stick.

  5. Erynus

    What did she expected, attacking to the armour? Even a blade of handwavium would be useless that way.

    • CommissarFeesh

      Clearly, you’ve never seen a claymore in action

  6. Ken Hughes

    Buffy knew better.

    “No weapon forged…”

    “That was then, this is now.” (Fires rocket-launcher.)

  7. Julia M.

    Plate mail? Did you mean plate armor, or chain mail?

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