Comics: Once Upon a Trope

Suspicious Signs


Two dwarves are sitting at a fantasy tavern. One of them is frowning at her plate.

Dwarf 1: I swear this is the plate I broke over your head during our brawl last night.

Dwarf 2: It’s probably a similar plate.

The first dwarf gestures at a nearby chair. Her companion gestures with their thumb toward something offscreen.

Dwarf 1: It has the same cracks in it. And isn’t that the chair you smashed to splinters? How did everything get fixed so quickly?

Dwarf 2: That’s just how inns are. What I want to know is where those elves in pajamas came from.

Now in the foreground, a couple Vulcans in Star Fleet uniforms are sitting at a table. One of them activates their comm badge.

Vulcan: Captain, the holodeck is becoming self-aware again.



  1. Bellis

    Uh oh, they’re wearing red shirts… :S

    • Cay Reet

      But they’re wearing TNG uniforms, where ‘red’ was for bridge/commanding crew, so they’re safe

  2. Arix

    This is why I believe that ‘again’ is one of the funniest words in the English language.

  3. AK

    Takeaway message: Every fantasy universe is secretly a Star Trek crossover!

  4. LeeEsq

    Can you get drunk on Holodeck beer? They also seem too annoyed to be Vulcans. A proper Vulcan would just mildly report the situation.

  5. Kieran

    Also, who ARE these Vulcans who love bar brawls and human fantasy novels?

    Neither of those things apply to the Vulcan hat in the slightest.

    • Gwen

      I mean Tuvok was definitely a fighter, and Spock loved Sherlock which is a human novel, so there is some precedent.

  6. Prince Infidel

    They’re not actually annoyed. Vulcans just look like that.

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