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Successful Suitor


A queen sits in her throne. Next to her, the herald is making an announcement.

Herald: Her majesty shall marry the suitor with the most compelling story.

Suitor 1 is before the throne. He is wearing fancy armor and has a glowing sword.

Suitor 1: At the tender age of nine I learned I was the chosen one, and I spent my teen years freeing my lands from the Dark King until I defeated him in single combat.

Suitor 2 is before the throne. He is wearing spandex, revealing all his muscles.

Suitor 2: I was sent away from my home planet as a baby, just before it was completely destroyed by invaders. Raised by humans, I’ve saved the planet from galactic threats countless times.

Suitor 3 is before the throne. He has black hair, pale skin, sharp cheekbones, and has a super melodramatic, angsty pose.


The queen is smiling in her wedding dress as she drags Suitor 3 toward the altar. He is facing backwards and still striking an angsty pose.



  1. Cay Reet

    At least that last guy is probably going to stay home instead of sneaking away to have more adventures – and being able to strike dramatic poses could be good for the heir to the throne, so learning it from their father might be useful.

    • G. White

      I know – never underestimate the power of not making things worse

  2. Maybe This One Won't Be A Tragedy

    “Misunderstood” will never have the power of “he’s got so many problems but when he looks at me he smiles so hard, this is going to end in tragedy isn’t it.”

  3. Erynus

    So.. did she married a zombie?

    • Cay Reet

      I think she married the vampire … perhaps one of Edward’s relatives?

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