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Subversion of Cthulhu

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Tash and Farid stare down at the Call of Cthulhu book in Emma’s hands.

Farid: Call of Cthulhu? Wasn’t that Lovecraft guy like, really racist?

Tash: You’re damned right he was.

Tash, dressed in 50s clothing and riding an old car, squishes one monster beneath her wheels and shoots another with a tommy gun.

Tash: That’s why I’m going to kick ass all over his universe. We’ll see how his views on “superior blood and breeding” deal with 1500 rounds per minute. If I’m not making a bunch of racist pulp writers roll over in their graves, I’m doing something wrong.

Emma, at the table, looks annoyed.

Emma: Tash! This is unknowable cosmic horror! Not an action thriller!

Farid strokes his chin.

Farid: I don’t know Emma, she’s got a whole bunch of autofire and vehicle chase rules backing her up on this one.



  1. Paul Fricker

    I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have a cartoon referencing / mocking something I wrote!

    • Matt Nixon

      You have finally arrived Flicks!

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      You find an eldritch comic deep within the internet’s fetid bowels. Your mind begins to unhinge as you discover that the comic is, in fact, about you!

  2. Rand al'Thor

    This one is one of my favorites!

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