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Stronger Than Iron


In the game, King Oberon is impaled by an iron thorn. 

Emma: Pinned to Hedge by a thorn of iron, Oberon will never lead the Wild Hunt again.

At the table, Farid and Tash give each other high fives. 

Emma: Congratulations, you’ve won.

Farid: Okay, so how do we die?

Emma: You don’t.

Tash: But we always die at the end of a campaign.

Emma: Maybe I’m just a more merciful GM.

Farid: Do you buy that?

Tash: Nope.

In the game, Tash and Farid gain more fey features, transforming into true fey themselves. 

Emma: Well, now that you mention it, you’re both really deep in the Hedge, and you’ve gotten so powerful, you wonder what it would hurt to kidnap a few humans to be your servants?

Farid: Oh no, we’re the True Fae now!

Tash: Their weakness was iron, but ours turned out to be irony.



  1. Cay Reet

    I love this one … even though I’m going to miss the characters, they were fun.

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